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Monday, November 6, 2017

New Program Helps Black Entrepreneurs With Finance Qualification and Business Credit Establishment

Aaron Sanders, founder of Entrepreneur Development Institute

Aaron Sanders, founder of the Entrepreneur Development Institute

Southfield, MI — Aaron L. Sanders, founder of the Entrepreneur Development Institute (EDI), has developed a unique FREE online system that provides small business owners an instructional and educational platform for business finance pre-qualification and credit optimization.

Inside the system, business owners can view the approval criteria of over 4,000 business lenders and more than 3,000 vendors offering credit terms for their products and services. The system allows business owners to see exactly what underwriting items they need to address before they apply.

EDI has worked with the major business and personal credit companies to offer small business owners education on what they need to do to optimize their business credit scores and the personal credit scores of the business owners. The system lets business owners see what their business and personal credit scores are now for free and without entering a credit card or creating any credit inquiries.

The process for a small business begins by taking the free pre-qualification assessment. Once inside the system, business owners can see the funding programs they pre-qualify for right now and where they may be short on many others. If they elect to submit for a funding program, they are given competitive bids from the lenders for that program from which they can select the lender best suited for their needs. All for free.

The system teaches business owners how to become qualified, fundable, and ultimately bankable. EDI offers a wealth of services to small business owners to help them grow, succeed, and create jobs. Best of all the pre-qualification assessment and the educational system are free by going to www.smallbizinstitute.info


Aaron L. Sanders