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Monday, August 8, 2016

Black Entrepreneur Builds Multi-Million Dollar Low Rider Classic Car Empire — Launches Tour to Help Other Aspiring Entrepreneurs

— Thomas “T.J.” Loftin’s speaking tour teaches aspiring young and adult entrepreneurs everything they need to know about the low rider business, real estate development, and land development. —

Thomas T.J. Loftin

Thomas T.J. Loftin teaching a group of young aspiring entrepreneurs

Los Angeles, CA — World-renowned industrialist, Thomas “T.J.” Loftin is currently on tour speaking on how he played a pivotal role in expanding the low rider business and its affiliates (i.e., paint shops, tow trucks, auto transporters) into multi-trillion dollar industries by teaching others about low riders, classic cars, muscle cars, custom cars, and auto accessories.

Standing by his motto, “We Create Entrepreneurs, Not Employees,” Loftin mentors the youth through S.T.E.M. applications and teaching of life skills as the means by which to fight the school-to-prison cycle. He credits his high school shop classes as the springboard to his entering the automotive industry straight out of high school. He advocates the necessity of these classes to the future successes of today’s youth.

T.J. has reached many milestones – creating multi-million dollar businesses (Compton Wire Wheel, Molded Suspension, and Express Gold Plating), the first person to repair wire wheels, the first to bring the low rider industry into the global arena by shipping overseas to Japan, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia. His contributions to the entertainment industry is lauded by his low riders being featured in music videos, TV, commercial’s, magazine covers and film, most recently in “Straight Out of Compton” and “Driving While Black”. That is why he is heralded as the Steve Jobs of the low rider industry!

With already a proven track record in the low rider industry, T.J. successfully transitioned into other industries – like construction, land development, real estate, hair/cosmetology, and manufacturing. He lends his expertise in these areas to assist others to create or enhance their businesses. His style is straight-forward, practical, and strategic.

Schedule consultations, coaching sessions, public speaking engagements in the areas of: investments, land development, automotive including classic cars and low riders, manufacturing, wealth through gentrification, and the entertainment business at Lof10productions@yahoo.com.

Current tour schedule:

* August 11th through 15th – New Orleans, Louisiana

* August 18th through 23rd – Washington D.C./Maryland
(Featured speaker at the 2nd Annual Straight Black Pride International Convention at the Thurgood Marshall Center on August 20th starting at 2pm, featuring David Banner and Irritated Genie.)


Thomas “T.J.” Loftin is scheduling interviews and speaking engagements within the above markets and also for the remainder of 2016 and for 2017. For more details, visit www.thomastjloftin.com


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