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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Meet the Entrepreneurs Behind the First Black-Owned Company to Publish Books by Prominent HBCU Alumni

Founders of HBCU Experience Movement LLC

Nationwide — Three HBCU graduates of North Carolina A&T State University — Ashley Little, Uche Byrd, and Fred Whit — have founded The HBCU Experience Movement, the first Black-owned company to launch books written and published by prominent alumni throughout the world who attended Historically Black Colleges & Universities. As authors, they share a powerful collection of stories on how their unique college experience has molded them into the people they are today.

The company’s goal is to change the narrative by sharing Black stories and investing financially back into our HBCUs to increase young alumni giving and enrollment.

Participating in the book includes an initial donation to support the HBCU. In addition to the initial donation, proceeds from books purchased on Amazon will also be used to support each HBCU as part of the movement.

“Our goal is to create a global movement of HBCU Alumni to continue to share their stories each year to give back to their Prestigious Historically Black College & University. The authors hopes are to encourage, uplift, support, and pave the way for the next generation by sharing their stories and experiences of how their HBCU has molded them into the people they are today,” the trio says.

They continue, “We saw there was a problem with young alumni giving back and we wanted to provide a creative solution to help increase young alumni giving and student enrollment. We have to continue to invest in our HBCU’S and continue to create our seats at the table. We believe it is important for HBCU Grads to give back, share, and document our stories.”

Ashley, Uche, and Fred strongly believe that “our voices and stories are powerful and need to be heard,” and are committed to changing the narrative. Businesses from across the United States have joined the HBCU Experience Movement, LLC as partners and sponsors, and will be acknowledged in each publication and on their website at TheHBCUExperienceMovement.com

Most recently, they have released their fourth edition and first-ever HBCU Queens Anthology entitled The HBCU Experience: The HBCU Royal University Queens Edition available on Amazon.

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The HBCU Experience Movement
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