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Monday, July 10, 2023

America’s Traffic Stop Coach Says African-American Drivers Are Being Hunted

Every 13 Seconds, Another Driver Gets Pulled Over

Eric Bryant, America's Traffic Stop Coach

Nationwide — “It’s alarming and overwhelming that Black America still gets disproportionately pulled over more than everyone else,” notes esteemed African-American author Eric Bryant who is considered to be America’s Traffic Stop Coach. “Yes, they are hunting us,” he adds.

“Correct pullover etiquette is always an afterthought until it’s too late,” he continues. “I’ve heard many say, ‘that’s common sense’ but I have been involved with this for a long time and literally when you see the red/blue lights behind you, everything goes out the window.”

Bryant says that there are as many stories as there are actual traffic stops themselves. However, he believes that there is a proven science to having safe, uneventful, ticketless traffic stops.

Arrest Me Not’s 2023 Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts When Stopped By Police Include:

#1. Best Line to Avoid a Speeding Ticket
#2. What Not to Say
#3. Best Question to Ask Police
#4. What Police Think You Lied
#5. 2nd Do after Parked
#6. Biggest Mistake When Stopped
#7. Two Trick Questions Police Ask
#8. What You Never Do to Police
#9. Correct Position When Talking to Officers
#10. Know Your Rights

See the #1 – #10 answers and the free printable PDF – ArrestMeNot.com

Arrest Me Not, the first nationally published title/book for African-American teenage & adult drivers in the mid-90s, details “correct pullover etiquette” when stopped by police & has been featured on Oprah, MTV News, and even in Playboy magazine to mention a few of the countless news media coverage. Created because of a very negative white-cop black-motorist traffic stop plus following day in Cleveland (OH) traffic court, Arrest Me Not provides timeless what-to-do and what-to-avoid instructions in multiple formats.

For press inquiries or media interviews, contact help@arrestmenot.com or 305-306-7743 (call/text)

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