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Friday, January 11, 2019

Meet the Black Woman Entrepreneur Who is Showing Other Women How to Step Up Their Sales Superpowers

Erica Stepteau is the Cover Story of Speakers Magazine and Hosting Sales Training Workshops in Three Major Cities in 2019

Erica Stepteau on the cover of Speakers Magazine

Erica Stepteau on this month’s cover of Speakers Magazine

Cleveland, OH — In order to grow your business, one must sell and do it well. Nothing moves in business without a sale. You can have a great product or service, but if you don’t learn to close the sale – you’ll struggle and eventually become frustrated and want to quit.

That’s what happened to Erica Steteau. “I lost 55 pounds and was getting clients who wanted my insight and expertise, but I was practically giving away all that I learned,” says Stepteau. “I was charging $100 for unlimited coaching and working 60 hours a week. It was a system for financial failure, and I discovered that I had a lot of mental blocks when it came to money. I wondered how many women were like me? I had a learned sales skill, but didn’t have the confidence or know how to price my own services when I started my company.”

Stepteau has been a sales and HR leader for fifteen years, first as a professional sales trainer at both Wells Fargo and AmTrust Bank where she parlayed her training and knowledge into her own sales training business, Tenacious Queens Sales Academy. Her clients are leading service industry providers such as coaches, accountants, speakers, personal stylists, and creatives like graphic designers. Collectively, in 2018, her clients generated more than one million in revenue, and her online community is reaching other entrepreneurs who look to multiply their income.

This year Stepteau is taking her dynamic sales training on the road to Las Vegas (Feb. 22-23), Los Angeles (May 17-18), and New York (Aug. 16-17) with her “Make It Rain with Impact and Become a 6-Figure Queen Boss in 2019”. Learn more about the events at www.tqsalesacademy.com

The art of selling and closing is not an area to procrastinate. For any business that does not have a solid sales generating element there can be a definitive downward spiral. “Without a sales blueprint, people will have capital and cash flow problems. Consequently, they will be highly distracted; just going in circles,” cautions Stepteau. “When business owners invest in the TQ Sales Academy they will be given precise, detailed intel and have the confidence because they will be around pros who consistently generate 5-figures a month. It can be done and we teach people how.”

For the two-day workshop, it’s a $497 investment where prior to the workshop attendees are given an in-depth questionnaire to ensure there is a concise and strategic process of team building at the workshop.

“The mantra I want ever woman to own is: The price you charge conveys what you can deliver,” says Stepteau. “No longer does one have to feel inadequate, have uncertainty about their services. We show them how to be empowered.”

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“This issue has articles to help people with their email marketing, finances and how to leverage media interviews. We even have Mimi Brown, the president-elect of the Michigan Chapter of National Speakers Association, contributing an article and of course our partner, Black Speakers Network always provides good content,” said Perry.

Speakers Magazine is available online. To read or download the entire issue, visit www.speakersmagazine.net


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