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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

16-Year Old Mogul Launches New Line of Chemical-Free Girls’ Perfume — With 100% Natural Ingredients!

Author, fashion designer, actress and now a perfume ambassador, teenage mogul Essynce Moore has now released her line of fragrances for girls (Generation Z). Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, the perfumes are described as “holistic candy”.

Essynce Moore, 16-year old founder of Essynce Couture

Essynce Moore, 16-year old founder of Essynce Couture

Nationwide — Essynce Moore is a precocious teen. Being business savvy from a young age, she has already undertaken many successful business endeavors by the age of 16. Having designed her own lines of children’s clothing and written three successful books till date, she has also worked as an actress and motivational speaker. Essynce has now launched her breakthrough collection of 100% natural perfumes for girls. These perfumes are easy for girls to keep close at all times; small enough for book bags, pocketbooks, and/or their pockets.

With more fragrances to be announced in the near future, two fragrances have now been released. Titled “Jungle Juice” and “Mother Nature’s Sweat”, both the fragrances offer a unique take on fruity scents. The fragrances have been composed in a way to retain a youthful feel, without being too loud or synthetic. The fragrances are almost like holistic candy because they pertain to a very pleasing sweet and fruity aura.

Starr Barrett, Essynce’s mother and publicist, comments, “Essynce  has been very dedicated, passionate and driven from a young age. She has poured all her energy and time into making valuable things for her followers. Her clothing lines and her books have all been heralded by the public. She is always willing to branch out further and try new things, which is why she has now released her new fragrance line for girls.”

She added, “The new fragrance line is extremely innovative and smells like nothing else currently on the market for young girls. These perfumes introduce a very natural and pleasant smell, while still being unique and adventurous. All of her fans are in for a treat with these new scents.”

More details about Essynce More can be seen on her official website at www.essyncecouture.com


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