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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Every.Black Releases “The Anatomy of a Black Economic Movement” Video

The Anatomy of a Black Economic Movement

Durham, NC — This press release announces the release of the video, “The Anatomy of a Black Economic Movement”. This video contains information outlining the financial dilemma of African Americans, proposed solutions throughout history, examples of entrepreneurial success stories, methods and philosophies to achieve financial independence, the impact of technology on major events of the past and how it can be used to shape the future. It can be viewed at www.every.black/videodirectory/.

This project is the brainchild of Jimmy J. Davies of Durham, North Carolina. Mr. Davies is an entrepreneur in the computer field with nearly 30 years of experience and is the owner of Every.Black. He first conceived the basic premise of the video over 25 years ago. With the explosive growth of the Internet and a sense of a black economic movement underway, it became apparent that this was the time to research his theory and share the findings in the form of a video for wide distribution.

Mr. Davies is currently accepting invitations for speaking engagements to present and discuss The Anatomy of a Black Economic Movement video. He can be reached at Jimmy@Every.Black or by phone at 919-265-8045

Every.Black provides basic technology services, resources and training to support and prepare people of African descent to succeed in the information age while providing worldwide exposure and networking opportunities. Services include directory and online listings, social media maintenance, database development to manage contacts, prospects and clients, the creation of websites, newsletters and directories, customer service assistance and live streaming services.


Jimmy J. Davies