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Monday, September 22, 2014

Author Evie Rhodes Presents “Expired” – A Newly Re-Released Psychological Suspense Thriller Set in Harlem, New York

— This story of one woman’s pain and every mother’s nightmare is also being made into a movie with the trailer already available on www.Expired-the-Movie.com

Expired By Evie Rhodes

Bookcover and Author Evie Rhodes

New York, NY -– Esteemed author Evie Rhodes presents her e-book, Expired, along with the exciting film trailer entitled, Expired-The-Movie, starring Karmia Berry of Sesame Street childhood fame as Tracie Burlingame, Expired‘s lead character.

The web launch of Expired-The-Movie.com took place on Friday, September 12, 2014 at 12noon EST. It highlights and showcases the different actor/performers from the film trailer on Expired‘s Red Carpet, such as Karmia Berry, and actor, Michael Howard-Dossett who plays the role of Rashod Burlingame, Tracie Burlingame’s crack addicted son in Expired, with many more fine actors and actresses who put in stellar performances from the trailer to come forth on Expired’s red carpet. Stay tuned!

Rhodes Enterprises is proud to present the stirring story of Expired in a featured, visual format for its fans and audiences, so they can engage and interact via the social media forums on the site. As well author, Evie Rhodes will be tackling some of the devastating issues presented in the story of Expired that are representative of many of the difficulties we all face in our lives today, through the site’s blog and social media avenues. Such as a mother’s struggle to save her crack-addicted, son.

Expired is also presented on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where you can view, as well as like, follow, and comment on the various scenes. The site features an audio clip of the audio book for your listening pleasure. The audio book is also available for download as well as the e-book on the site at www.evierhodes.com.

James Rhodes, is executive producer for Expired-The-Movie.com, and he also produced the gospel hip-hop album Standing in Da Spirit, as well as the award-winning video entitled, Changed.

Expired‘s theme music as well as the musical scores on the film trailers was created by music producer and composer, Patrick Adams, who is the recipient of 30 Gold Records, as well as an ASCAP songwriting award winner.

Doug Ingber, of Underground Video City Television fame in New York City is the director for Expired‘s film trailer. Along with Karte’ Fowler of 3A Films in New York who is director of photography, and Cheick Dukuly, producer for Expired, from PrimeTime Media in New York City.

Rhodes Enterprises is proud to bring Expired to it’s audiences, available as an e-book download in MOBI, Kindle and PDF formats, as well as audio for all computer media consumption, including tablets, android phones as well as the Apple iPhone. All are invited to browse the newly created shop for downloads at http://shop.Expired-the-movie.com where all purchases are private and secure.

Book clubs and blogs will be able to take advantage of the interactive technology Rhodes Enterprises has created for them to share with their audiences by way of a banner or 30-second film clip from the film trailer.

Expired is stirring, hauntingly, and memorable. But most of all Expired is a special treasure and a gift to the African-American audiences whom embrace it.

Evie Rhodes is also the author of four other novels including, Criss Cross, Out A Order, Street Vengeance and The Forgotten Spirit (A Christmas Tale).

What Others Are Saying:

* Cumberland County Library in New Jersey noted her in honor of Black History Month to be among the most respected and acclaimed voices in contemporary African-American history.

* Romantic Times Book Review has said of Rhodes’ work, “Palpable hatred permeates this a tug-of-war between right and wrong, justice and vengeance, and it holds the reader’s attention as if the pages are magnetized. Rhodes masterfully reveals the battles.”

* Publisher’s Weekly Magazine, the nations’ most touted trade magazine for the publishing industry, has stepped to the plate to say of Rhodes’ work, “Rhodes tells it like it is for many teens in (and outside) the hood who struggle to deal with a violent society that all too often embraces money over faith. An inspiring urban thriller!”

Josephine Shannon