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Monday, January 4, 2016

Ex Boyz II Men Member on Why He Left the Group — Says, “It All Came Down To Money”

Michael McCary and Boyz II Men

Nationwide — If you’ve been to a Boyz II Men concert lately, you may have noticed that there are no longer four members. Just Nathan, Wanya, and Sean are the performers these days, but what ever happened to bass singer Michael McCary?

Well, he finally came out and said why he is no longer with the group. Via a YouTube video, he said, “For four years…I’ve been working out my body to get my health right, to get my body right… get my mind right. It’s time to just go ‘head and move forward.”

He continued, “The initial thing was we were supposed to do a reuinion a couple years back and it all came down to money. It all came down to the fellas wanted to split three ways, instead four ways and wanted to pay me basically like a baggage handler. And it just… just didn’t make sense to me.”

This was his response to the other member’s claims that there was a “lack of committment” on his part, and his “scoliosis” claims.

In an earlier 2011 interview, however, McCrary said that God removed him from the group for “other blessings”. He also mentioned that he was in the process of launching an independent record label with new artists. He is also reportedly looking to start an acting career.

For more details about Boyz II Men and what the group is doing nowadays, visit www.boyziimen.com

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