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Monday, May 20, 2019

Father Pretended to Be a Teen and Caught the Child Predator Who Was Pursuing His 13-Year Old Daughter

Brandon Ruff, child predator

Brandon Ruff, 29-year old man caught trying to pursue a 13-year old girl

Scott County, IN — A father from southern Indiana successfully captured Brandon Ruff, a 29-year old “child predator”, by pretending to be his teenage child whom Ruff had been pursuing on Facebook.

The father was reportedly checking his child’s social media account when he noticed that Ruff had been reaching out, Scott County Sheriff Jerry Godin said. He then pretended to be his child and talked to Ruff who arranged for them to meet up at their home in rural Scott County.

Ruff was shocked when the father appeared, not the child, and detained him until authorities arrived. Through further investigation, it was found that Ruff had made friends with the child and already made arrangements to meet before.

Ruff is now facing charges of false informing, child solicitation, and child molestation with a child under 14-years old using a computer and traveling to the child.

According to the sheriff’s office, Ruff also had a fake Facebook account with the name Sammy Castro. They believe Ruff pretends to be a wrestler to gain the trust of different children.

The deputies are also looking for other cases where Ruff might be involved. They are urging parents to check their children’s Facebook account as well as Messenger chats to see if they could be victims.