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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Father-Son Duo Offer Black Man’s Perspective in New Podcast About Sexuality, Mental Health, Race, and More

Black Talk: Conversations With My Son Podcast

Detroit, MI — With the prevalence of social media creating opportunities for diverse voices to be heard, Black mens’ voice is growing stronger and stronger, especially in the podcasting space. Open dialogue is steadily pulling the lid back on taboo topics like love and relationships, race and politics. Announcing today, Harold and Zaire Leffall, an African American father-son pair break into the podcast space with Black Talk: Conversations with My Son. The podcast, which launches Jan. 2020, can be found on iHeart Radio, Spotify and Radioline.

“This podcast came from a place of growth,” said Harold Leffall. “I lost my mother more than 15 years ago. My son, as a young child, saved my life. It was because of him that I returned to a place of living after experiencing my lowest of lows. Black Talk is a continuation of our daily talks. We’ll cover topics like love, sexuality, mental health, race and more.”

Black Talk: Conversations with My Son creates a space for black men to be vulnerable and listen to Harold and Zaire talk about topics that are on top of mind, but not commonly discussed. It’s a place for them to open up without having to feel exposed.

Launching next year, the podcast can be heard on popular streaming platforms like, iHeart Radio, Spotify and Radioline.


About the “Black Talk: Conversations with My Son” Podcast
Launching in January 2020, Black Talk: Conversations with My Son explores taboo topics amongst Black men, including mental health, finances, sexuality and relationships.


Harold Leffall