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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Father Will Not Be Charged After Killing His 18-Year Old Son

Nashville father who killed his son

55-year old Brentnol James shot and killed his 18-year old son, Kobe Hoyle, during a heated argument

Nashville, TN — The Metro Nashville Police Department has announced that 55-year old Brentnol James will not be charged for shooting and killing his 18-year old son, Kobe Hoyle. He reportedly told police that he feared for his life, and that his son threatened to rob him.

The two reportedly got into a heated verbal altercation outside their home that quickly became physical, resulting in an injury to Brentnol’s face. In self-defense, he says he got his gun and shot and killed his son.

Both father and son have a criminal history.

The father has been arrested at least nine times between May 1996 and March 2016 for various charges including unlawful possession of a weapon, theft of property, driving under the influence, forgery, and more.

The son had been arrested just last month on charges of impersonation, vandalism, and evading arrest.