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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Book Reveals Temptations, Hypocrisy and Scandals in Today’s Black Church

— Retired Federal Government Worker, Faye Thompson, Pens Scandalous Drama —

Slippin Sippin Saints By Faye Thompson

Author Faye Thompson and Bookcover

New York, NY — According to ABC News, 83% of Americans say they are Christians.

But Faye Thompson, author of Slippin’ Sippin’ Saints says, “What happens before we return home? Who’s sitting next to you on that pew? Whose icy stares are stabbing you in the back on the prayer line? Who’s competing with whom, and they don’t even know it? Who’s hooking up right after the benediction? Who are you about to jack up in the parking lot?”

She adds, “Let’s face it: The church is simply not what it used to be; on any given day a mega church can rival the best reality show showcasing the Seven Deadly Sins.”

Faye, who is a retired federal government employee, puts pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth on full display in her new fourth novel, Slippin’ Sippin’ Saints (Ultra Pearl Power). The book takes a salacious peek inside the flawed flock of New York’s Church of the One Way, where image is everything and nothing is what it seems. It is available on Amazon and multiple platforms in both paperback ($12.95) and e-Book ($4.99).

Slippin’ Sippin’ Saints channels eateries, local celebrities and trendy spots in Queens, New York as the backdrop for this steamy novel which tells the story of six main characters: Price and Sable Alexandra, Bubbles Dupree, Chunkie White, Missionary Lilly White and Pastor David Dante – spiraling out of control in their quest for importance, lust and deception. Illuminating lascivious temptations in a fictitious mega church, Slippin’ Sippin’ Saints spotlights desperate souls wrestling with desire and vice as they seek salvation. From its jaw-dropping opener to its stunning climax, and unforgettable ending, this novel, scratches the guiltiest itch, leaving readers breathlessly craving more.

Faye Thompson is already a best-selling author. Her first novel, In Her Mother’s Shadow was critically acclaimed and a Barnes & Noble chart-topper. Subsequent books include: Cheesecake and Teardrops and Red-Hot Pepper. Faye loves good drama and the brilliant writing of Shonda Rhimes. Thompson’s novels remind us that no matter what we’re going through there’s an app for that – God.


Slippin’ Sippin’ Saints is available on Amazon and several platforms. To read an excerpt from the novel, visit: http://tinyurl.com/ocvhfw6. To learn more about Faye Thompson and her latest novel, visit www.FayeThompson.com. All media interviews can be scheduled via kt@taylormademediapr.com, 917-509-3061.


Karen Taylor Bass