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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fibroids Awareness Campaign Says 80% of Women Who Have Had a Hysterectomy May Not Have Needed One

The #FACEofFIBROIDS campaign is a global movement to bring awareness to African American women who are more likely to develop fibroids than any other demographic.

Sateria Venable, founder of the Fibroid Foundation

Sateria Venable, founder of the Fibroid Foundation
Photo Credit: @Kirsten White

Washington, DC — The Fibroid Foundation (FibroidFoundation.org), a nonprofit dedicated to creating and supporting initiatives to find a cure for fibroids, has announced multiple initiatives to celebrate Fibroids Awareness Month.

“We are dedicated to providing substantive activities that will educate and inform, as well as support women who have uterine fibroids,” says Sateria Venable, the founder and executive director of The Fibroid Foundation. “We are committed to making sure that our July activities take fibroids awareness to the next level.”

The campaign

The Fibroid Foundation created the #FACEofFIBROIDS (FaceofFibroids.com) to coincide with the start of Fibroids Awareness Month. At this site, women may upload a photo, describe their experience, and tell what fibroids freedom would mean to them. They will also have the option to share their entry on their personal social media feed. “This will give women living with uterine fibroids the opportunity to tell their stories and support each other,” says Venable. “It will personalize the experience of millions of women.”

She continued, “One of our goals with this first-of-its kind campaign is to create an online movement to raise awareness of a health concern that affects women all over the world.” Venable, after experiencing four fibroid surgeries, has been a patient advocate for over ten years.

Earlier this month, The Fibroid Foundation hosted #TwittIRchat. The “IR” represents the field of Interventional Radiology – physicians that perform Uterine Fibroid Embolizations (UFE). #TwittIRchat was co-hosted with the Society of Interventional Radiology. Visit the hashtag for details on this less invasive treatment option.

Also, visit the foundation’s website and click on “get involved” to register to become a Foundation Ambassador, share your story online, and shop to support the organization.


About The Fibroid Foundation
Founded in 2013 by Sateria Venable, a patient advocate diagnosed with fibroids at the age of 26, the Fibroid Foundation has become the premier global community of Fibroids patients. The non-profit collaborates with fellow patients and healthcare providers to foster a supportive relationship where informed women can find information and resources. It has developed a substantial network within the medical community and consults within the industry. Recently, the Fibroid Foundation has ramped up its sponsorship of regional talks by engaging ambassadors in major cities. Venable, who holds a B.S. in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, co-authored a scientific paper for the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology on fibroids – www.ajog.org/article/S0002-9378(18)30396-X/abstract. She is a sought-after speaker whose personal insights and experience foster a uniquely supportive and empowering movement.


The Fibroid Foundation