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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Largest Black-Owned Tech Firm Developing Smart Phones Is Now Giving Them Away For Free

The brand new Figgers Neptune smart phone is available for free in most areas across the country, but users do have to subscribe to a plan.

Freddie Figgers, founder of the company, was recently featured on the new Netflix series called “Trigger Warning With Killer Mike”.

The Figgers Neptune is the only smart phone produced by a Black-owned telecommunications firm

The Figgers Neptune is the only smart phone produced by a Black-owned telecommunications firm

Nationwide — Freddie Figgers, CEO and founder of Figgers Communications, owns the first and only Black-owned telecommunications firm competing head-on with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. He is also now the only firm that is giving away his 4G smartphones for free when customers subscribe to a plan.

His newest smart phone model, called the Figgers Neptune, is comparable to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy. It runs the Android operating system on a 4G network, features an HD responsive touch screen, a removable battery, a micro SIM.

The free smart phone offer is available in most areas across the country, and comes with several affordable plans including the Unlimited plan for $60/ month, the Economical plan for $40/ month, and the Senior plan for $15/ month. The phone also has a Shared Family plan for $120/ month.

All of the plans include unlimited calls, texting, and data usage, and other features like voicemail, caller ID, WIFI calling, call forwarding, and 3-way calling.

In his popular Netflix series called Trigger Warning, Killer Mike strongly encouraged the Black community to support Black-owned businesses and included Figgers Communications as a business that should be embraced by cell phone users nationwide.

For more details and/or to take advantage of the free smart phone offer, visit www.Figgers.com/free

To learn more about Freddie Figgers himself, watch his story on his official web site at www.Figgersinc.com


Jakila Presha