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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The First Black-Owned Day Trading Company of Its Kind is Teaching Courses on How to Profit From the Stock Market!

Latoya and Ernest, founders of TheProfitRoom.com, want to help as many African Americans as possible learn how to make $200 a day or more investing in the stock market.

Latoya and Ernest, founders of The Profit Room

Latoya and Ernest, founders of The Profit Room

Nationwide — Latoya and Ernest created “The Profit Room” based on their individual success as investors and traders. They are well known for their transparency in showing profits and losses from their Live Day Trading Rooms. They both have a unique ability to teach and mentor in a simple way where anyone can learn. Ernest and Latoya trade stocks, options, Forex and futures and they have designed mentorship programs to teach others how to create income and generational wealth. Their goal is to help others to at least make an additional $100-$200 a day trading live with them, and they already have four full time minority traders trading and moderating daily in the futures and Forex room.

The start of the journey

Latoya, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, along with some like minded friends, started an investment club in 2006. The investment club, called Black Lotus, focused on long-term investments. However, Latoya watched the movement of the club’s portfolio daily, and she realized that a lot of money could be made through short-term movements. Latoya decided to open her own brokerage account to take advantage of the volatile markets. Much to her surprise, she was amazed at making thousands of dollars within the same day.

She comments, “In the beginning it was just fun to me, but the more I traded the more I was hooked. I never thought that I could trade for a living until I did a simple Google search, and I saw others doing the same… No one black, but I wanted to change the face of that!” Latoya worked for a well known investment bank as a senior business analyst. “Although I made a hefty salary,” she continues, “I had no interest in the status quo. I wanted to follow my passion, and I wanted my time. Working 9-5 was not my vision of success.”

In 2012, Latoya left corporate to pursue her passion in trading and investing in the stock market. She formed a Facebook and an Instagram account dedicated to showing others how to trade the markets. Over the years, she has mentored new beginners as well as advanced traders helping them find consistency. Along her journey, she met Ernest the only black trader who actually had a similar trading style. They both traded for 2 hours in the morning and took the rest of the day to “enjoy their lives.”

Ernest has always had a passion for financial independence and understanding how money works. He started his journey into trading back in 2008, being mentored by a Hedge fund trader. This allowed him to see first hand how Wall Street operates, and through his international trading and investment travels to also see how the global markets operate. These experiences allowed him to customize a trading/investing program that all can benefit from.

Merging individualism into a business

“We wanted to come together for the culture, show our people that there is another way to earn money. Where I come from, NO one teaches you this – not in high school or in college,” says Latoya.

Ernest and Latoya decided to build the business based on the same transparency that had created their social media following. Once their video content started going viral, it attracted 100’s of clients both locally and internationally wanting to learn how to invest and trade in the markets.

“There are so many new claimed traders who preach trading and investing, but they do not trade for a living,” says Ernest. The Profit Room, however, trades live daily. One of The Profit Room’s greatest asset is the willingness from Latoya and Ernest to trade live with their clients to show them how they can make money through seeing.

They have created successful students, some in which they have hired to motivate and inspire by assisting and training new beginners, a true result of what is possible. They have also helped retirees build and grow their Roth IRAs, and have created youth programs to teach inner city youth about the importance of financial literacy. Forming The Profit Room also allowed them to expand in other areas to help people achieve wealth, by having Black real-estate experts, tax experts and credit builders a part of their team.

To learn more and/or to get started, visit their web site at:

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Instagram – @theprofitroom
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Facebook – @theprofitroom
YouTube – www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7c6CUuqYHfhhxmpbI5EFw

Or call (844) 339-9939 to learn more about this exciting Black-owned wealth building trading company.


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