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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Florida Children Praised For Using Their CPR Training to Save Their Stepfather’s Life

Florida Black children who saved their stepdad's life

River Beach, FL — Two brothers, Isaiah and Corey Walker from Florida, who are 11 and 12-years old, are being called heroes for saving the life of their stepfather through their quick actions, which even involved performing CPR.

According to reports, Terry Poole suddenly collapsed on Saturday in the living room of their home while babysitting his stepchildren. He apparently suffered from a heart attack.

Isaiah quickly responded to help and performed CPR which he said he recalled from what he learned when they took swimming lessons at a local aquatic center. Corey was the one who called 911 and passed on to Isaiah the instructions the dispatcher was giving.

“She said, “Do CPR,” Corey told WPBF. “Just let your arms stretch and place your heel of your hand between his chest.”

Their two younger siblings, 8-year old Lyric and 7-year old Cash, was also there to see the incident.

“I stayed calm with all my brothers,” Lyric said. “I took a deep breath.”

“I was scared,” Cash said. “I thought he was dead.”

The children’s mother, Shonovia Walker, said she hurried to get home from work when she received a call about what happened.

“When I got to my door, they had Terry on the floor, trying to revive him,” Shonovia Walker said. “They had my kids in the back room, trying to keep them away from what was going on.”

She said Poole was taken to a local hospital, where medical staff told her that Poole could have died if not for her children.

“Because of your son, your children, they saved him,” Shonovia said they told her. “When he got there, he could have already been dead, your son is a hero.”

“It made me feel very proud,” she added.