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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Black Accountant Who Has Saved Business Owners $30M Reveals Predatory Tax Season Practices

Folasade Ayegbusi

Nationwide — As tax season approaches, the influx of misinformation begins to circulate on social and popup tax preparers who promise unrealistic tax refunds run rampant. These preparers often target those who are not equipped with the resources to distinguish between knowledgable and legitimate registered tax professionals who do not disappear after refunds are processed. Folasade Ayegbusi, also known as The Accountability Accountant™, is on the frontlines combating these unregistered and often times unethical tax preparers by informing the masses with weekly and daily updates with live streams that break down the myths and misconceptions that are floating around on social media.

Most times those who are hit hardest economically are targeted by these individuals that promise financial freedom but are left with unanswered questions and an audit letter from the IRS. Small businesses who have not done their due diligence by keeping proper records and having lax bookkeeping practices suffer also the consequences of such behaviors with astronomical tax bills that can often times cause the closure of their businesses. Folasade has witnessed it all and has made it her business to ensure that clients who have fallen prey to these unscrupulous preparers and poor business habits are set on the right track by providing solutions to their misfortune and advocating for them with the IRS. She oftentimes has to clean up the mess these preparers have created to ensure that the effects are not felt in years to come and creates a strategy for a foundation of financial success.

Creating an avenue for generational wealth building is also on Folasade’s agenda as she works tirelessly by creating courses and also publishing books that will aid in the expansion of the knowledge on how to hire your family and children that will break the cycle of poverty as well as build confidence in knowing how to use money as a tool versus a means to a short term solution.

Folasade will be hosting a series of live streams that will help you to understand the changes and updates along with common tax credits and deductions that you should be prepared for before filing your taxes. These can and will help you on your journey to taking control of your financial future and the knowledge to build an empowering relationship with money.

She stated in her recent interview in Forbes, “My dad’s clients talked about the money they owed in taxes, their investment properties, and retirement funds, while my mom and I lived in a government housing assistance section-8 apartment and waited in line to get a refund. No one talked about owing money or owning properties. It was totally different conversation.” During these lives, she will open the floor up for questions along with facilitating conversations that will provide clarity and guidance about what to expect in the future. Folasade wants to ensure those repeat filers and new filers are fully prepared and ready for the tax season. Due to the ever-changing tax laws and regulations, she will break down the misinformation and remove the confusion that often accompanies tax season.

Operating under the belief that entrepreneurship is one of the keys to breaking the curse of poverty by building generational black wealth. By contributing through sharing her vast knowledge of sound financial strategies and helping clients to better understand their financial statements and how that data can impact the growth of their businesses. Providing a solution to the problem that many black-owned businesses face by not being focused and having access to resources to start and grow businesses that can create jobs and funding to reinvest into their businesses to overcome the many challenges that black-owned businesses face.

The Accountability Accountant™ Folasade Ayegbusi has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners save over $30 million in lost revenue, tax assessments, penalties, and interests over the last 18 months. A graduate of UDC Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Accounting from the University of District of Columbia and a Master of Science degree in Accounting and Finance Management from the UMUC. This financial powerhouse has partnered with clients to identify financial challenges, design optimal solutions with powerful financial techniques that help grow businesses and increase profitability by overseeing the implementation of new systems that simplify financial processes for success. She owns and operates Suncrest Financials.

Learn more about her company at AccountingWithFolasade.com

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