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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Founder Courtney Wesh Announces First Black Success Summit 2015

Courtney Wesh

Courtney Wesh

Jacksonville, NC — Courtney Wesh, creator and host of the first ever Black Success Summit 2015, announced that the online event will be conducted Thursday, Jan. 29 through Feb. 7, 2015. The 10-day summit is free and features more than 15 hours of audio interviews from 15 personal development experts throughout the nation. Topics will include financial wellness and relationships to leadership and wealth-building.

“I’ve been fortunate to connect with black experts and benefit from their expertise in fields ranging from entrepreneurship, communications skills, networking and wealth-building,” said Wesh. “Black Success Summit 2015 is a valuable and convenient way for black Americans to learn strategies they can use to better themselves in multiple ways.”

The Summit is free, but participants must register to ensure they’re notified when the event will begin and obtain instructions on how to access the sessions. Sessions will be streamed in MP3 format and can be accessed via iPhone, iPad and Android enabled mobile devices. The Summit highlights all facets of personal and professional development and is designed to address the issues and concerns of a black audience.

The online Summit will include presentations by best-selling author, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, and nationally recognized nutritionist and best-selling author Dr. Rovenia “Dr. Ro” Brock. Presenters will include Duane Carlisle, director of sports performance at Purdue University, Club Rhino, Inc. founder and CEO, Jerry Clark; SpeakEtc. founder and principal, Robyn Hatcher, Nicole Roberts Jones of Motivating the Masses, and George “Hit” Richards of Calisthenics Kingz.

Sessions are appropriate for individuals of all ages. Stress, uncertainty and lack of direction are major concerns for many black Americans. Participants will learn how to overcome negative influences, discover their passion, and create a strategic plan with effective goal-setting for black success.

Networking is an essential component of entrepreneurship and wealth-building. The Summit’s experts will share the techniques and strategies they use themselves to attain success and explain how individuals can begin to achieve their own personal goals in three to six months.

The first Black Success Summit 2015 is free and provides participants with the tools, techniques and strategies to set effective goals and achieve success in building wealth, relationships, health and wellness. Beneficial for individuals of all ages, attendees will learn how to unlock their personal power and potential for growth and success.

Wesh can be reached at 910-302-8359 or via email at BlackSuccessSummit@gmail.com. For more information or to register, visit www.BlackSuccessSummit.com

About Courtney Wesh
Courtney Wesh is the creator and host of Black Success Summit 2015, an online event committed to assisting black Americans attain personal and professional success. An active duty Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, he utilized the personal development strategies featured at his Summit to gain the attention of his superiors, begin rising through the ranks, and get promoted at twice the rate of his peers. He maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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