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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Creator of Limited Edition “Beyond Black Wall Street” Flashcards Celebrates Black Genius Accomplishments

Freddie Taylor, founder of Beyond Black Wall Street flashcards

Chicago, IL — Freddie E. Taylor, founder and CEO of Urban Intellectuals, has launched the first in a limited release series of Beyond Black Wall Street flashcards that are designed to honor and celebrate the financial achievements of our ancestors and inspire today’s families to achieve financial freedom.

This 35-card series focuses on prosperous Black communities across America. Unbeknownst to many, beyond the Greenwood community in Tulsa, there were other thriving towns and cities created by and for Black people — cities like Boley, Oklahoma, Birmingham, Alabama, and Sweet Auburn in Atlanta, Georgia. The mainstream media wants you to believe that the success of the Greenwood community was an exception and that the decline of these towns was the result of race riots instigated by ongoing cross-racial tension. The truth is much more sinister and shocking.

The truth is that these communities were strategically targeted for destruction by racist white mobs (which in some cases included the military and local police), only because they were prosperous and flourishing. The mobs wanted to maintain the status quo and discourage Black self-determination by reinforcing the (false) narrative that Black communities fail.

Freddie comments, “The Beyond Black Wall Street cards will help boost your family’s financial security by teaching you what the ancestors achieved in the past, to inspire you to create the ‘financial’ future you desire.”

At Urban Intellectuals, they know that you want financial security for your family. But first, you need to be reminded of the financial success our ancestors enjoyed, despite the many obstacles they faced; and use their success as an example to inspire you to create the future you desire.

Systemic racism erases and misrepresents Black achievements and contributions. This can leave you feeling hopeless and out of control of your life, finances, and future. At Urban Intellectuals, they believe that everyone deserves to have tools to be educated and inspired by the achievements of your ancestors so that you can leave a rich legacy (generational wealth) for your family and live your best life.

Freddie adds, “We understand your struggles because we were once miseducated about our history too. That is why we created this particular series of flashcards to inspire you to imagine your limitless potential for financial success.”

To purchase the Beyond Black Wall Street flashcard deck, follow this link.

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