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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finally, A Meditation Book Written For African Americans

Free Your Mind By Cortez R. Rainey


New York, NYFree Your Mind: An African American Guide to Meditation and Freedom by Cortez R. Rainey is now available in bookstores for African Americans who want to learn how to meditate.

This book is unique: It uses stories, photos, and quotations from notable African Americans – the heroic men and women who journeyed from slavery to freedom on the Underground Railroad—to explain what meditation is and how to practice it.

What also sets this book apart from others is that it is written by an African American, speaks directly to African Americans, contains images of African Americans meditating, and discusses the positive effect that meditation can have on black lives in particular.

Free Your Mind provides readers with the guidance they need to start meditating today and connects them to sources of inspiration from African American history that can help them to overcome challenges in their lives.

Anyone who wants to calm, focus, and uplift their mind, and uplift their personal situation, family, or community, will find Free Your Mind to be a valuable resource.

Kirkus Reviews had this to say about the book:

“Though aimed principally at African-Americans, the text is highly approachable, and its combination of history and self-help is likely to attract readers of many races and backgrounds. Even experienced meditators will find new contexts and methods to diminish stress and pursue enlightenment.”

“A highly accessible, comprehensive resource for all meditative skill levels that may also attract a few history buffs.”


Free Your Mind: An African American Guide to Meditation and Freedom (ISBN: 1492769207) is now available from Amazon.com, local bookstores, and the author’s website at www.freeyourmindguide.com.

Cortez R. Rainey resides in Baltimore, Maryland.


Cortez R. Rainey