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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Book “From Slave To National Hero: The Legend of Nanny” Tells an Amazing Story!

From Slave To National Hero By Colin C. Reid


Nationwide — Jamaican-born writer, Colin C. Reid, has incorporated multi-disciplinary story-telling to recreate a gripping historical narrative of Chief Nanny and her fearless Maroons. His book, From Slave To National Hero: The Legend of Nanny, was written as an acknowledgment of the valuable contribution made by African slave women in their fight for freedom. The text also serves as a reminder to the people of today’s Diaspora of the enormous sacrifice made by ordinary folks to bring forth the freedom we now enjoy and take for granted.

Former slaves like Nanny and the Maroons have defied the odds and charted their own destiny, paving the way for the dismantling of slavery. However, millions have suffered at the hands of the slave masters and carry the scars even to this day. Still, Reid does not let the African slave traders off lightly and pulls no punches in chastising them for their role in perpetuating the practice. Reid’s account not only explores the suffering that the Africans endured, but more importantly, he highlights their success with a strong female leader at the helm. In doing so, he has convincingly made the case why Nanny deserves to be called a National Hero.

In From Slave To National Hero, the author delves into the dreadful lives of slaves on the plantation, leaving no stone unturned to expose the brutality of this system. However, he also reveals compassion, empathy, kindness, caring, honesty, respect, love, honor and forgiveness, character traits that were essential in building a new and just society.

The narrative is told entirely from the perspective of the African people, from their tiny villages back in Africa to the great plantations in Jamaica. This was a deliberate attempt by Reid to help the reader understand the day-to-day struggles of the typical slave.

Stemming from the author’s attempt to include the reader into the lifestyle of the Jamaican people at this time, Reid highlights the many colorful celebrations and festivals brought to Jamaica by both the British and the Africans and that are still celebrated today.

This story is written in such a versatile manner than it can be enjoyed by history buffs or the average reader who is interested in being enlightened about an important part of Jamaican and Caribbean culture.

From Slave To National Hero: The Legend of Nanny is available in digital as well as paperback versions at Amazon.com, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Page Foundry and Scribd.

Colin Reid