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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Leadership Academy for Black Boys Formerly Held at Princeton University is Available Online

Featuring motivational speaker and best-selling author Dennis Kimbro

From the Fire Leadership Academy for teen boys

Lawrenceville, NJ — Uplifting the Black male’s education and value in the African-American community are more important now than ever. The From the Fire Leadership Academy for high school male students of color is now accepting applications for its celebrated summer program. Dates for the three academies are in July and August 2021.

Once held on Princeton University’s campus, due to COVID-19, the program is now online and expanded to include additional components. From the Fire was founded in 2018 as an arm of the long-running At the Well Young Women’s Leadership Academy. From the Fire began as a mechanism to forge more Black male leaders in business, the arts, social justice, and the sciences with the values and innovative insight to address national and global issues.

The program seeks to continue nurturing scholars by providing them an enriched learning environment that delivers excellence in leadership development. A transformative educational experience is offered through instruction, mentoring, and coaching from seasoned influencers culminating in an exceptional Rites of Passage program. This year’s guest speaker will be Dennis Kimbro, the renowned motivational coach and best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice and What Makes the Great Great.

The 2021 program features the following three options. The application deadline is May 1, 2021.

* 2021 FTF Alumni Weekend Intensive – June 25-27, 2021. Aimed at prior FTF Academy and Weekend Intensive alumni to develop leadership skills and help ensure college/education success.

* 8th – 10th Grade Weekend Intensive – July 9-11, 2021. A condensed yet intense version of the Academy that includes rigorous classes, mentoring, and coaching.

* 11th & 12th Grade Two-Week Program – July 18-30, 2021. An in-depth learning experience focused on building social, academic, and leadership skills while journeying into manhood.

All programs will have instruction in Leadership, Social Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Setting, Planning, Critical Reading, and Critical Writing. In addition to academics, mentorship is offered to overcome widespread indifference to these most vulnerable young men. A Rites of Passage component will be a journey of self-discovery that unlocks the students’ hidden resilience as fundamental to their manhood. Students who seek academic enrichment, professional inspiration and are committed to uplift underserved communities are encouraged to apply to the program.

The 2021 From the Fire is led by Shurman L. Riggins, CEO and Founder of The Riggins Coaching Institute and The Kimbro Success Academy. An Army veteran, Riggins is a former From the Fire coach and instructor with a history of providing transformational change through his 40 years of experience with youth programs.

For more information about the From the Fire programs and to apply, go to FromTheFireAcademy.org

For media questions, contact Shurman Riggins at info@fromthefireacademy.org or 856-356-3474.

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