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Monday, March 3, 2014

Fruitgrass Superfoods Commemorates 1 Year Anniversary By Offering Free Giveaways to Jumpstart Healthy Living

Tracey Baaset

Tracey Baaset, creator of Fruitgrass Superfoods

Nationwide — Tracey Baaset was looking to augment standard protocol practiced by the medical field when she was making her own recovery from breast cancer. Having practiced law, she put her research skills as a lawyer to work and sought out natural and pure ingredients that could help her recoup her health and well-being. She found some natural yields that had stood the test of time and had gained a reputation for warding off ailments and facilitating longevity and vibrant health. She described the ultra superfood blend that she created from these natural yields as being, “like water to a wilted flower.”

With noticeably restored health and recouped vitality, she realized her obligation to share the superior product that she had developed with others because she found that it helped her conveniently achieve greater energy, vitality and fortitude – naturally.

An African-American herself, Baaset discovered that there are both distinctive nutrition needs within the African-American community, as well as a tendency by women in this population to put their children, spouses, jobs and careers and church ahead of their own needs. She is convinced that, in order to adequately care for anyone or anything, and to be able to stay around to enjoy them optimally, one must maintain their own health as a priority.

Users of this popular Fruitgrass superfood blend will discover some of the following benefits:

* Natural energy
* The ability to get more out of their day
* A jumpstart to healthier living
* Maintenance of good health
* The ability to maintain a busy lifestyle
* A tasty, yet potent blend
* The opportunity to thrive off of nature’s superfoods in a convenient way
* An arsenal of tools to help counteract some of the attacks on health and well-being

To celebrate the company’s anniversary, Baaset announced that a free Smoothie Shaker Cup and Recipe Booklet will be shipped with every purchase of Fruitgrass to help others make the shift to healthy living as easy as possible. When on-the-go, the shaker cup can be carried along for use with the convenient single-serve packets, and the Smoothie Recipe Booklet includes recipes for superfood cocktails, deserts and other nutrient rich preparations.

For more information, to view testimonials, and to order the product, visit the website at www.fruitgrass.com

About The Fruitgrass Company

The Fruitgrass Company specializes in all-natural drink powders as supplements to enhance your general well-being. Fruitgrass Superfood is the company’s inaugural product, and there are future plans to introduce additional wellness drink powders to address various health concerns.

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