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Monday, March 25, 2024

Black Student Finally Earns Degree After Becoming a Plumber to Pay for College

Gabriel Eze

Nationwide — Meet Gabriel Eze, a 23-year-old from Nigeria who recently graduated with honors in Petroleum Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He is going viral for having worked as a plumber to raise the needed funding to pay for his college tuition.

Gabriel’s interest in plumbing was sparked back in secondary school when he started helping a plumber during a job at his school, he told Punch Nigeria. Financial constraints led him to pursue plumbing at the age of 14. He embarked on a four-year apprenticeship, balancing it with his studies.

Despite his success in plumbing, his passion for mathematics and engineering led him to pursue Petroleum Engineering. He was drawn to the field’s connection with Nigeria’s petroleum industry. His plumbing background gave him a head start in understanding fluid dynamics, a crucial aspect of Petroleum Engineering.

Gabriel faced financial hurdles but relied on scholarships and his plumbing business to fund his education. His determination, coupled with support from mentors and family, kept him motivated during tough times.

Gabriel’s hard work paid off when he graduated with an impressive cumulative GPA of 4.65. His graduation was a moment of fulfillment, celebrated by his community and peers.

Looking ahead, Gabriel plans to pursue further education, possibly a master’s or PhD, while also completing the National Youth Service Corps program. He aims to collaborate with established organizations in his field.

Despite his academic achievements, Gabriel remains committed to plumbing. He believes that success isn’t solely defined by academic accolades and emphasizes the importance of diligence and focus in any endeavor.

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