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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Genius of Black Women and Girls to be Celebrated at the 2018 Empowering Designing Women Annual Event

Without unity, there is no empowerment

Performers and supporters

Performers and supporters

Atlanta, GA — On The Spot Edutainment Corporation with their sponsors, We Rise Media and Kingdom Women Rock, will host the 2018 Empowering Designing Women event on Saturday, October 6, 2018 from 11am to 6pm at the Sights and Sounds Black Cultural Museum in North Dekalb Mall in Decatur, Georgia. The goal is to bring together women and girls of all ages to share their various gifts and talents. This event will help to bridge the gap that exists between the generations.

It will allow elders and adults to share life’s experiences with teens and girls to uplift, inspire and support them. Women and girls of all ages will be impacted and empowered by this event. They want this to be a multi-cultural event.

Why? Because they want other cultures to learn about the richness of the African American community and how women guide their girls into productive lives. Yet, another major impact is the men and boys are invited and they will see the example of the women and girls lifting up each other which will inspire them to do so as well!

About On The Spot Edutainment Corporation, Sponsors & Partners
On The Spot Edutainment Corporation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, uses the performing and cultural arts to inspire, educate, entertain and enlighten the public about social issues that impact daily lives! OTSE’s aim is to bridge the gap between youth and adult thus creating a mutual goal of being assets to their communities.

“Sights & Sound Black Cultural Expo, Inc,” a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, presents over 8,000 pieces of art, documents, artifacts, video, book collectibles and memorabilia that chronologically displays historical passage of African Americans from the root existence of Africa to present day in America highlighting areas of great notoriety and accomplishments. It is the museum’s hope by experiencing the sights and sounds of African-American achievements and contributions to the global society visitors are truly encourages to collect, cherish and display their history and culture.

Kingdom Women Rock Outreach Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to assist the needs of the underrepresented population, with a focus on young girls and women who need toiletry items, clothing, shoes, and food for the body as well as their minds. Kingdom Women Rock will concentrate on mentoring programs specializing in helping teens and adults of all ages and gender to overcome physical, mental, emotional and substance abuse issues as well as those who are reentering citizens. Their goal is to elevate the thinking of those who have become stuck in a place of lack and negativity with the hope to see them move forward positively.

We Rise Media automates and grows your Small Business to realize efficiency and profits. They provide custom solutions and services to achieve the results to increase exposure and profits.

They do this by connecting the talents, creativity and experience of our entire organization and their strategic alliances, consultants and industry professionals with a shared purpose to see your small business succeed. They work with authors, speakers and small business owners in the life improvement industries. They help their clients grow, protect and optimize their value across the enterprise with solutions that span strategy, digital, analytics, technology and people. They will help your organization develop, design and define new business processes to assist in standardizing and consolidating your existing business processes and maximizing cost efficiency.

For more details and/or to purchase ticket, visit www.onthespotevent.live


Lauretta Ali-Abdullah