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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Determined Georgia Teens Redesign Mobile App to Grade Quality of Police Services

— Mobile app provides opportunity to strengthen ties between police officers and citizens —

Five-O team member Caleb Christian

Five-O team member, Caleb Christian

Nationwide — The teenage trio from Georgia, Ima, Asha and Caleb Christian relaunched their FiveO police rating app using the $22,000 first place award from the 2015 Hiil Innovating Justice Challenge at The Hague, Netherlands.

The FiveO [NxtGen] app helps to build and strengthen the bond between citizens and police officers by offering citizens an opportunity to commend officers or to file reports on positive or negative police interactions. This new version of FiveO will allow police departments to notify citizens of police community events by submitting an entry to the app which will then notify all users in that police department’s area, additionally, users; with one button push, will be able to notify family members of their gps location. Citizens will also continue to be able to rate and review police interactions and to maintain a history of all of their interaction details within the system.

“We believe that FiveO will make a significant difference if we are able to convince community members to share their experiences within our app, so we will do everything possible with the resources we have at our disposal to make this happen”, said 17-year old team member Asha Christian. “We are convinced that a good portion of the power to change the quality of policing in our communities is in our own hands.”

The FiveO team members reiterate their commitment to make consistent, the quality of police services across all communities in the US and they encourage police departments to use the app to share police sponsored community events. They also implore all citizens to do their part by downloading the app today and sharing their police interaction experiences.

FiveO is available in android and IOS versions and can also be accessed in the app stores or online at www.FiveO.us.

The FiveO creation team believes that there is a desperate need for a national and independent repository of citizen reported, police conduct data and they are confident that FiveO can fill that need in the United States and later even around the world.

Find them on social media at Facebook (www.facebook.com/fiveoByPinetart) and Twitter (@Five0_Community).


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