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Monday, September 19, 2022

Ghana and Other African Nations Who Enslaved and Sold Blacks to Europeans to Formally Apologize

Delegates from Ghana, Kenya, and other African countries will meet in Kansas City to have a long overdue conversation about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Ghana slave trade site

Nationwide — A cultural assemblage is set to converge on Kansas City, as the vision of The United Nations Decade of People of African Descent realizes a significant event, Wednesday, September 28th, 2022. “It’s time to say what needs to be said to all African Diaspora and we must have the conversation and resolve our actions and inactions as rulers of our Kingdoms during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade which is deeply regretted,” as expressed by Nana Obokese Ampah I, Apagyehen of Asebu Kingdom, Ghana, Founder and President of Obokese University of Excellence.

Supported by the only UNESCO Creative City of Music in the United States-KC, a solemn ceremony will include a pilgrimage to the site of the Quindaro Underground Railroad site in Kansas City, Kansas where dignitaries and 100 delegates from Ghana will gather along with local and national leaders. “It isn’t enough to ask others for an apology. We must first forgive ourselves,” said Obokese.

The slave trade regularly used the triangular trade route and its Middle Passage and existed from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Some were enslaved and transported in the transatlantic slave trade were people from Central and West Africa that had been sold by other West Africans to Western European slave traders, while others had been captured directly by the slave traders in coastal raids.

The highly anticipated ceremony will set the tone for the week as the assembly of over 100 Ghanaians is set to promote unity while bridging an international UNESCO Ghana-UNESCO- Kansas City initiative for a long-lasting fruitful exchange and to foster ongoing trade, tourism, and cultural enrichment.

For more information on the Quindaro Underground Railroad site, visit https://davids.house.gov/media/in-the-news/quindaro-once-stop-underground-railroad-gets-new-life-federal-designation

For the full itinerary of the ceremony, locations, and activities for the week, please send inquiries to creativecitykc@gmail.com or call Creative City KC Inc., Executive Director, Anita Dixon-Brown at 816-612-0864.