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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Black Integrated Nurse Coach Creates Self-Care Box to Help Alleviate Stress, Anxiety and Depression During the Pandemic

Glenda Bundy, Black Integrated Nurse Coach

Nationwide — Many are feeling hopeless, anxious, and exhausted as a result of the pandemic and other societal issues. Glenda Bundy, integrative nurse coach and founder of Time Mind Life Health and Wellness Coaching, has created the ‘In This Moment’ Self-Care box to help people carve out time to focus on mental and physical health.

According to the Census Bureau, one-third of Americans show signs of clinical anxiety or depression in the wake of the pandemic.

“Finding peace and balance is critically important for self-preservation. The ‘In This Moment’ Self-Care Box is all about finding time to join the mind and body to create space for self-love, harmony, and gratitude,” said Bundy.

The ‘In This Moment’ Self-Care Box includes guided meditations, which supports people as they shift from autopilot to being present in the moment rather than fixating on the future or past. The curated collection creates a spirit of joyful exploration. It also helps to create a personal sanctuary, a healing space, and helps build resilience and compassion for oneself.

The ‘In This Moment’ Meditation experience includes:

• Three guided mediations, which encourages individuals to love and honor themselves
• Soothing 10.5 oz bath bomb, infused with beautifully fragrant oil and florals
• 4 oz. lavender and bamboo scented soy candle, which helps induce relaxation
• Lightweight, invigorating radiance oil, with a mild scent of lavender, organic natural oils, and vitamin D
• A journal and custom pen for creating a space for reflection, and exploration of how you feel in this moment

“I encourage everyone to make themselves a priority and take a moment out of their busy day to mindfully gather themselves,” said Bundy.

Bundy has been a practicing nurse for more than three decades and she has supported clients as an integrative nurse coach for nearly a decade. For more information about Time Mind Life and the ‘In This Moment’ Self-Care Box, visit TimeMindLife.com.

Product images can be found here: Dropbox.com/sh/lqhm5ssdeshemtv/AAA5Ipyem4TnIKQylW05G4kWa?dl=0

For press inquiries, contact Glenda Bundy at 832-938-0001 or glenda@timemindlife.com