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Monday, June 8, 2020

Black Psychologist Helps Men and Women to Discover 5 Inner Secret Weapons to Transform Their Lives

Dr. Gloria Morrow, Black psychologist

Nationwide — Nationally recognized clinical psychologist, speaker, author, and playwright, Dr. Gloria Morrow, affectionately called “Dr. Gloria,” is helping people to identify the inner secret weapons they possess. Dr. Gloria has written an E-Book entitled Unleash the Secret Weapons to your Success. She believes that once one’s secret weapons are discovered, one will be able to activate and fire those weapons to help one to eliminate the major emotional barriers that may be preventing one from living one’s best life. The book was officially launched earlier this month at a Facebook live event hosted by world-renowned motivational speaker and author, Les Brown.

In Unleash the Secret Weapons to your Success, readers will travel with Dr. Gloria as she allows them to visit a time in her life that shaped her thinking for many years of her life. On this journey, Dr. Gloria reflects on the role of negative and toxic thinking on her ability to move into her greatness much sooner. She is transparent about how her negative self-appraisal contributed to the development of negative emotions and behaviors which caused her success to be delayed. To help readers to fully engage in their process of self-discovery and change, Dr. Gloria has included meaningful activities for them to complete.

In Unleash the Secret Weapons to your Success, readers will be introduced to the 5 secret weapons that helped Dr. Gloria to shift her thinking which resulted in her living a purpose-driven life with passion, and she wants the same for everyone who reads this book. She also includes the steps for discovering one’s secret weapons. “In my clinical work, I have discovered that many people are unaware of the powerful weapons they have on the inside, and once they come into that awareness and do their work, their lives will never be the same again. I never thought my life would be where it is today, and I feel it has been worth all the pain if one person can benefit from me sharing my truth,” says Dr. Gloria.

By the end of this book, I can promise that the readers will be able to locate their inner secret weapons, activate them, and begin firing them in order to destroy the barriers that have been holding them hostage for far too long.

As a bonus, Dr. Gloria has written a second E-Book entitled Maintaining Positive Emotions During Tough Times. This timely gift will help readers to learn strategies for coping with the lethal effects of COVID-19. It provides 10 strategies for managing one’s emotions during this difficult season.


About Dr. Gloria Morrow
Dr. Gloria Morrow is a clinical psychologist with national prominence. She served as an academician and clinical training director at the University of La Verne and California State University Fullerton prior to starting GM Psychological Services in Southern California. Dr. Gloria currently serves as a Director of Behavioral Health for a medical group with 13 clinics in Southern California. Dr. Gloria is well known throughout the community, where she has shared her expertise on many topics, including depression, anxiety, marriage, and relationship issues all over the country. She has been featured in news publications, cited in Psychology Today, Jet, Essence, Woman’s Day; and Black Enterprise, and has authored books such as: Too Broken to be Fixed? A Spiritual Guide to Inner Healing, The Things that Make Men Cry, and Strengthening the Ties that Bind.

Dr. Gloria is also a playwright and producer, and is currently working on her first feature film. Because of her commitment to the faith community, Dr. Gloria has been actively involved in helping faith leaders and mental health professionals to work together to help people of faith who are suffering from mental health issues. She has written a handbook entitled, S.A.F.E. (Spirituality and Faith Empowers), along with a three-day training for faith leaders and mental health professionals. Dr. Gloria has been interviewed on radio talk shows and has appeared as an expert on MSNBC, NBC-4, and CNN.

Dr. Gloria hosts a Facebook live show, “A Brand New Me With Dr. Gloria” every Monday at 7am PST. She has received numerous awards and commendations and presented the results of her work in Cape Town, South Africa. The most important accomplishment for Dr. Gloria is her relationship with God and her commitment to serve Him by serving others.

To purchase Unleash the Secret Weapons to your Success and the bonus gift Maintaining Positive Emotions During Tough Times, visit her web site at GloriaMorrow.com

To book Dr. Gloria for media appearances, conferences, workshops, and other speaking engagements, or to host a book discussion, send your request to dr_gloria_morrow@msn.com.

Be sure to like her Facebook page, A Brand New Me with Dr. Gloria.


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