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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Global Mixed Gender Basketball League Has Named Christopher 2X Ambassador of Public Relations

Christopher 2X

New York, NY — GMGB Professional Basketball League is about equality and giving back to the community. “Balling For A Cause” is GMGB’s motto. The GMGB HELPS Organization is about bridging the gap with kids and families in the cities where the GMGB franchise teams reside. They are more than just basketball, entertainment and filling the stands with fans; The GMGB focuses on helping the communities.

Mr. Christopher 2X is no newcomer to helping kids and families in the community. GMGB League President Percy Miller says, “I’ve witnessed first-hand his leadership and passion for the amazing work he has done in Louisville, KY. And I am honored to have him as our GMGB Ambassador of Public Relations and lead our teams off of the basketball court and into the communities. He is already working on an anti-bullying campaign in Las Vegas and organizing future youth programs with all of our franchise teams and their cities.”

Christopher 2X stated, “I am overwhelmed with gratitude in continuing my work of service to help underprivileged kids and their families on a national level with the GMGB organization. I’ve worked with Mr. Percy Miller for many years, we have teamed up helping kids and families in the Louisville and New Orleans communities through Let The Kids Grow Foundation and Team Hope NOLA. It has been a remarkable experience, so many lives we have been able to help and make a difference. I am honored to accept this new role. I can’t wait for my new challenge with GMGB Helps Foundation Balling For A Cause.”

For more information, go to or www.GlobalMixedGenderBasketball.com