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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New Fatherhood Program Encourages Women to Also Enroll

— Fathers involved in custody, visitation, and child support cases need support! —

Black father with son

Nationwide — “‘Mr. Legette, can you help my boyfriend? He’s being kept away from his daughter! Mr. Legette, can you help my son? His child support case is a mess!’ I’ve received countless calls and emails from women seeking help for the men they love,” says Eric Legette, Co-Founder of the Good Fatherhood Forever Program (G.F.F.). “It’s not fair that many women are unable to move on in personal relationships with men because men do not want to face their challenges head on.”

The mission of G.F.F is to provide resources and information to non-custodial and divorced fathers involved in custody, child support and visitation cases. The objective is for men to become more knowledgeable about their paternal rights and the inner workings of the court system.

“As with anything in life, if a person steps into something blindly, the chances of success is not going to be very high,” says Legette who is also the President/Founder of Fathers With Voices. Based on Mr. Legette’s experiences working with fathers which spans over twenty years; when fathers received consultation and resources they successfully established paternity, settled child support issues awarded visitation rights and custody of their children. Men also saved thousands of dollars in legal fees!

“We are encouraging women who are supporting men through this problem to become members. Sometimes men are not strong enough emotionally to take that step,” says Legette. Women can participate in the program and share the information with the men in their lives dealing with the court system and parental conflicts. We also encourage women to participate in the Wednesday evenings, “How to Support a Man Going Through Drama” Facebook live session where tips to best support men will be provided.

Interested participants can go to www.goodfatherhoodforever.com and complete the enrollment form to begin the process. When the enrollment process is completed, fathers and family members with questions or who need resources will provide information via e-mail.

Good Fatherhood Forever will utilize current technology to assist fathers in need via teleconferences, Facebook live events, google hangout groups, twitter, etc. By creating a constant flow of information and resources men will develop the confidence needed to navigate the court system and learn ways to deal with “drama warfare” games. A major concern and reason G.F.F. was formed is due to the increasing number of reports related to fathers committing acts of violence against the mothers of their children and in some cases their own children.

To reduce such future incidents, when men become a member they will have access to the following:

* Monthly teleconferences on a variety of topics
* Live guest interviews with qualified professionals
* Listing of links to resources pertaining to learning about the court process
* Opportunities to receive free consultation with the program
* Employment assistance (Coming soon)

G.F.F. program will also provide men with the opportunity to receive consultation from Co-Founders Mr. Legette and Mr. Calvin Mann. Between the two men, there’s over forty years of experience working with fathers. During the months of December, January and February men (and women) who invest $29.95 for the membership fee will become members for life and will not require any additional payments. After this initial offer period ends, a monthly fee will be determined.

Navigating the court system, and for a man to have his voice heard is a process which includes investing in becoming better educated on paternal rights. “Over twenty years ago,” says Legette, “while advocating for my own daughter I invested in paying for copies pertaining to my paternal rights at a local law library. On three occasions, I also paid thirty dollars to participate in the New York City Bar Association Monday Night Legal Consultation where I received legal consultation for thirty minutes. The results of those investments later saved me literally thousands of dollars in future legal fees.”

The message behind the program is: “Men have to participate in their own progress and this is done by becoming better educated and prepared,” says Legette.

Legette comments, “We are encouraging people impacted by parental disputes (child support, visitation and custody disputes) directly or indirectly to post a video or testimonial on the Good Fatherhood Forever Facebook page sharing their experiences.”

“The violence has to stop, and we must come together as a community to do a better job communicating and leaving our children out of grown folk mess,” he adds. “We are also encouraging to trend the hashtag #endthedrama on Twitter.”


Eric Legette-Co-Founder

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