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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Grammy Award Winning Musician, Mel Brown, Levels Up Jobseekers

Brown has launched a self-service video interviewing platform for job candidates called Connexion Pointe, and a free interactive ebook called ‘3 to Get Ready’.

3 to Get Ready E-Book by Mel Brown

Phoenix, AZ — “In February 2019, the national unemployment rate dipped to 3.8 percent,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For the soon-to-be graduate, young professional looking for upward mobility or those with years of experience that need to stay relevant, it is imperative for them as job seekers to find innovative ways to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

For people of color, the need to stand out in a crowded field takes on even greater significance. Mel Brown, two-time Grammy Award winning bassist, has developed an effective tool to give job seekers an essential competitive edge. Brown carved out a successful niche in the highly competitive music industry by using innovative digital and video techniques to promote his skill and talent to industry executives. In fact, he created his first big break by using a video to land a feature spot in Arsenio Hall’s late night band in November 1993. Over the last 26 years, he has refined those techniques which prompted him to aggregate them into a digital platform called Connexion Pointe.

Connexion Pointe is a cloud-based video screening tool for recruiters that also features a self-service video interviewing tool for candidates. This allows the recruiter to see a video interview at first contact thereby accelerating the candidate through the screening process. In order to introduce Connexion Pointe and explain its functions, Brown has authored an interactive e-book entitled 3 to Get Ready. “This is a valuable book,” Brown advised, “that shows you how to personal brand and utilize video in your job search.”

The e-book focuses on the three things every job seeker should have ready when entering the job market. 1) a great resume and cover letter containing a video interview link 2) a job-related video interview and 3) a delivery method to deliver and share that data with recruiters. Video interviews offer a tremendous advantage to people of color because it eliminates some of the pressures of face to face interviews such as cultural bias. Brown stated, “We have all walked into the room to encounter someone who looks at you like, ‘Why are you here?’”

He continued, “I’d rather get rejected by via video interview than waste my time and money driving to an interview wherein I have no chance.”

In this age of selfies and live social media sharing video interviewing can be more a comfortable experience allowing the job candidate to relax and present their best effort. The ebook also offers several examples of additional video content candidates can create to stand out.

Brown has coined a phrase: “Molly Minimum” that describes the job seeker and recruiter alike who only do the minimum in the job search process. An average of 200 people apply per job posting. Most people merely do the minimum, they just click because it was easy to apply. The inundated hiring manager may also have this attitude by screening resumes as quickly as possible.

According to Brown, the person just looking to do the minimum is not going to use Connexion Pointe. “That’s what we like, it’s definitely a platform for exceptional recruiters and ambitious candidates,” he says

One might assume this tool would be expensive but It only cost candidates “$1.00 to sign up for the platform. “The highest price you will pay is the effort that you make,” Brown said.

In an interview two questions are standard – the first “Tell something about yourself, “and “What did you do in your previous or current position?” The candidate can then select six job-specific question they consider critical to highlighting their talent. The Connexion Pointe interview tool uses job titles from the United States Standard Occupational Classification System to pinpoint relevant interview questions.

Connexion Pointe is the only platform of its type in the world. It will allow you to advertise your personal history of excellence to hiring managers and separate yourself from the “Molly Minimums”. The e-book 3 to Get Ready is offered at no charge for a limited time. Visit http://3togetready.kotobee.com/ to access. Click ‘New Account,’ enter your email address, check your email, and then login using the password provided.

Follow up by signing up with the platform at https://www.connexionpointe.com/profile


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