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Friday, January 25, 2019

Black Health & Fitness Coach, Greg Dorsey, Announces #LMD60Day Challenge — An Innovative Digital Life Balance Program!

Teaching Total Wellness through the Transformation Of The Mind, Body, and Spirit

Some days life can hit you before you even step out of the house and you want to start all over. Guess what? You can.

Greg Dorsey, author of Live More Daily

Greg Dorsey, author of Live More Daily

Washington, DC — On January 27, 2019, The Live More Daily 60 Day Challenge will begin in communities across the nation. The #LMD60DayChallenge is an initiative designed by L. Greg Dorsey, a Personal Trainer, Nutrition, Endurance, and Metabolic Coach and the author of Live More Daily: Going All In to Win Your Race. The #LMD60DayChallenge focuses on the transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.

As part of his commitment to promoting community health and wellness, for a limited time, an estimated 150,000 participants from organizations across the nation will have free access to the same tools and goal-setting techniques that helped Coach Dorsey complete multiple Ironman Triathlons and endurance racing competitions.

In 2018, Greg took a major step toward fulfilling his life long passion of promoting health and overall wellness beyond his immediate community and published his highly acclaimed book, Live More Daily: Going All in to Win Your Race. He shared his incredible story of how he defied his medical prognosis starting with classes at the local gym to eventually participating in Ironman Triathlon competitions. He used what the health practitioners told him he could not do as a motivator to push the envelope beyond limits. His next step was to build an interactive platform where he could reach a wider audience through his Live More Daily App. Through this innovative application, he is able to virtually train his clientele, providing daily workouts, nutrition plans, and coaching sessions to keep them motivated and accountable.

“Sometimes, all one needs is a little nudge in the right direction before having the courage to achieving their goals,” says Coach Dorsey. “This program is not only based on a life story, but it’s also a step-by-step plan to transform oneself by developing healthy habits for the better.”

Now, Greg takes it a step further with the Live More Daily 60 Day Challenge which combines both tools, his skills, and experiences to help those who need it most no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Throughout the challenge which will also feature some of the nationals leading health and wellness practitioners, together they will show participants how to achieve balance and consistency; daring the disillusioned to dream again, set goals, and follow the 60-day plan that will transform their lives. Coach Dorsey’s mission is to remind us that getting fired up, learning to be present in your journey, and becoming stronger every day requires constant, daily work, but more importantly, it is a process that no one has to ever face alone.


About the Author
The author, speaker, fitness consultant, and wellness coach L. Gregory Dorsey, MPH, NASM CPT, PN1, CHC is the Founder and CEO of LMD Coaching advancing. He helps build healthier communities one person at a time by sharing his gifts as a motivator. A Nationally Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition, Metabolic and Endurance Coach, Greg is a multiple time Ironman Triathlete and Endurance Racing competitor who has coached hundreds of individuals both locally and internationally. For more details, visit www.livemoredaily.fit


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