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Monday, June 12, 2017

Be Part of the Growth in African-American Business Ownership With a 7-Eleven Franchise

Karen Brown, 7 Eleven Franchisee

7-Eleven Franchisee Karen Brown

Nationwide — African-American owned businesses are on the rise in the US, and 7-Eleven continues to be a leader in supporting that trend. The world’s largest convenience retailer is growing and is inviting more qualified candidates to apply to own a 7-Eleven franchise store in their area today.

“We have aggressive growth goals,” said 7-Eleven President and CEO Joe DePinto. “This is an exciting time for entrepreneurial business owners to join an iconic brand and franchise network.”

Through entrepreneurship, men and women are creating their own career opportunities and shaping their professional environment. With the 7-Eleven Franchise system, independent Franchisees can tap into the knowledge base of over 3500 corporate employees dedicated to giving them the advantages they need. Franchisees are offered an extensive training program and a proprietary logistics system that streamlines most inventory and accounting tasks.

According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce, African-American businesses had increased by 60% between 2002 and 2007. The financial crisis stifled that trend. However in more recent years the tide has turned and numbers are moving back up. More and more African-Americans are choosing business ownership with women leading the charge. According to Fortune magazine, the number of female-owned African-American businesses grew over threefold between 2007 and 2015 .

“7-Eleven is always looking for new Franchisees to serve their communities, including diverse candidates and retired veterans looking for a second career,” said Larry Hughes, 7-Eleven vice president of Franchise Systems.

With the recent asset purchase agreement of Sunoco L.P., 7-Eleven is acquiring another 1,108 stores located in 18 states and welcoming more franchising applicants.

To streamline the franchising process, 7-Eleven has developed an online application, and franchisee candidates can be approved and trained to run their own franchised 7-Eleven store in as little as three to six months. Candidates can visit http://Franchise.7-Eleven.com to apply.


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