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Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Guide to Succeeding as A New Manager

African American Manager

Nationwide — It can be daunting to step into a management role for the first time as it is a big step forward, and you will want to make a strong first impression. Some people seem to naturally fit into these roles while for others it can be more challenging, but it is also important to realize that this is a skill like any other which means that it can be learnt. It will be difficult, but there are a few essential steps to take for new managers which should help you to hit the ground running, command respect, forge strong relationships and take the company forward.

Project Confidence & Professionalism

You must command respect from the very start, which is why you need to project confidence and professionalism. This will involve having open body language, being direct and taking pride in your physical appearance. Although you will want to command respect, you still need to connect with your team so remember to be positive and warm – you can then start to develop relationships as you set-tle into the role.

Make Communication A Priority

New management can create challenges in the workplace, and it can be an unsettling time. Therefore, communication is so important when you come in as a new manager so that everyone can feel valued and supported and to avoid creating a division between management and staff. Additionally, be sure to listen to your team so that you can make informed decisions and to show that you value their input.

Be Available

Leading on from this, it is essential that employees feel that you are available so that they can come to you with any questions or issues that they are encountering. An open-door policy is a smart way to do this and an excellent way to create strong relationships with those in your team.

Use Change Management Tools

You can also use change management tools from specialists like inpulse.com to monitor employee wellbeing during this period. Using surveys allows you to gain a clear understanding of how your team feel during this period of change, what issues are being created and what steps can be taken to improve productivity and morale. Handy tools like this can be of great use for a new manager and make your job much easier.

Develop Relationships While Being A Boss First

The biggest challenge that new managers face to walking the line of being a boss first and a friend second. It is hard to get right, and it will take some time for you to perfect this, but you need to make sure that work always comes first, that you retain a professional image and command respect. Simultaneously, you must show an interest in each team member, engage in social activities, and provide a relaxed yet productive atmosphere in the workplace.

It is intimidating to come in as a new manager, but it is essential to get off to an excellent start to set the right tone, to command respect and to hit the ground running. Hopefully, these tips will help you to do this and build confidence in your role.