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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New Book, “Entrepreneurship The Wright Way,” is the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur Right Away

Gwenetta Wright, author of Entrepreneurship the Wright Way

Bookcover and author, Gwenetta Wright

Nationwide— Entering the world of business is like entering a dark room. You hear the voices but you can’t discern the shapes. You may trip over obstacles or find yourself at a dead end, but you just say to yourself that once you get used to the darkness, everything will be ok.

Gwennetta Wright, author of Entrepreneurship The Wright Way, has released the ultimate guide that reveals crisp and clear business nuggets that would resonate with any new or established entrepreneur. Her goal in writing the guide was to give other entrepreneurs a simplified guide to help them lay a solid foundation for their business while also providing guidance to them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurship The Wright Way is your flashlight, your own tool of shedding light on the various aspects of the business world. It is a comprehensive guide that helps you understand notions, ideas and practices; everything there is to establish a solid foundation for your business.

A business walkthrough that:

* Will help you get the real grip of what entrepreneurship is all about and identify the necessary skill set of the entrepreneur.
* Will help you direct your mindset. The information you need in order to be able to view things from the businessperson’s perspective.
* Will help you set SMART goals and why this is important.


Entrepreneurship The Wright Way is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Createspace.


About The Author
Gwennetta Wright is an award-winning business and tax strategist that uses her vast personal knowledge of building and sustaining multiple high-level business ventures to create a strong foundation for others looking to strike it out on their own. As a business owner and a tax professional for more than a decade, Gwennetta knows firsthand how hard it is to overcome hurdles in the business world to achieve success. For more details about her company, visit www.xpertbusinesstaxsolution.com


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