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Monday, November 13, 2017

Overt Racism and Shaming Linked to Fear of “Not Being Enough,” Says Empowerment Strategist

— Harold Leffall, the famous founder of the “You Are Enough” Empowerment Movement, believes that his racist attackers are themselves suffering from inferiority complex which gives birth to such discriminatory attitudes. —

Woman with black face at Staples

Benicia, CA — Following the recent derogatory racist attacks on his Facebook story on the infamous Staples blackface incident, leading empowerment strategist Harold Leffall has raised a serious concern about the mental state of these overt-racist attackers. As per the expert, people who spread hate do so from their own deep-rooted inferiority complex and the fear of “not being enough”.

The revered founder of “You Are Enough” movement was at a Pleasant Hill Staples store last week where he was shocked to find an employee donning a black paint on her face as part of her Halloween getup. A conscious and sensible citizen that he is, Harold Leffall found the makeup extremely discriminatory and offensive. He shared the story on his Facebook page condemning the insensible Halloween portrayal and the post quickly went viral over the weekend. Harold has also appeared on ABC News and NBC News to speak about the incident.

While a lot of people supported Harold, the post has also earned the ire of many racists.

“Ever since my story about the blackface incident went viral, I have become the target of severe racist commentaries. (Watch the YouTube video – https://youtu.be/tfz4GmRv6eo). People have even started calling me the ‘N’ word, and they are telling me to go back to Africa. But the saddest part is that these people who use vulgar and inflammatory discourse to attempt to shame African American into silence are themselves suffering from serious inferiority complex,” stated Harold.

As the founder of the famous “You Are Enough” Empowerment Movement, Harold believes that people who spread hate and subject others to discriminatory comments simply do not know that “they are enough”. They are, actually, speaking from a place of fear and insecurity about themselves.

Speaking further he stressed discriminatory attitudes borne out of fear and inferiority complex cause the most harm to the bearers of such temperaments.

Harold comments, “When you think ‘you are not enough’, you lack the confidence to explore your full potential. It affects your career, job, relationships and life overall. Initially I too used to suffer from lack of confidence which left me bankrupted within just 6 months of launching my employment agency. Fortunately, such dark circumstances pushed me to study more about life & maxims of success and about those champions who have succeeded in life. It helped me to change my thinking and gradually I started noticing change in every facet of my life. I became more confident, brave and in just 8 months I was able to bag a multimillion dollar contract. It inspired me to launch my You Are Enough Empowerment movement which is aimed to motivate others to march ahead with confidence and passion.”

Harold’s “You Are Enough” Empowerment program extends success principles to help people get rid of their inferiority complex and develop the self-assurance to realize their cherished dreams. Harold offers both single coaching sessions and coaching packages that include inspirational lessons about empowerment, elevation & evolvement. Harold extends proven strategies to motivate people to bounce back after a setback and essential tools to summon the inner hero in them.

The “You Are Enough” Empowerment movement is dedicated to inspire you to break through the shackles of fear and map your way towards an enriched life.

For more information, visit www.youareenoughnow.com.


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