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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Black Physician Releases New Book Teaching Other Doctors How to Launch a Profitable Practice

Most physicians earn six-figures annually; yet, many still lack the business acumen needed to truly achieve financial independence. Therefore, to aid new attendees in building a lucrative, independent practice while maximizing revenue and establishing security, Dr. Hassan Akinbiyi has released “Profitable Practice: A 90-Day Kickstart Plan for Physiatrists”.

Profitable Practice by Dr. Hassan Akinbiyi

Dr. Hassan Akinbiyi and his bookcover

Scottsdale, AZ — In Profitable Practice, best-selling author and physiatrist, Dr. Hassan, provides physicians with the detailed and accurate information they need to build monetarily rewarding, autonomous medical practices and capitalize on each opportunity in their business so that they have freedom, security, and the ability to plan and save for retirement. Through this informative guide, physiatrists will receive the vital insight they need to avoid serious risks and instead reap huge financial windfalls.

“I am dedicated to coaching new attendings… I want to make sure no one else has to experience pain and embarrassment. I want you to achieve financial freedom, so you control your destiny,” says Dr. Hassan.

The topics covered in Profitable Practice range from the benefits and drawbacks for each type of business entity to choosing an accountant, business banker, healthcare lawyer, and other necessary personnel required to help your practice flourish. Dr. Hassan also discusses key components for expanding revenue-making opportunities, including selecting the right billing company and practice setting. Written in a knowledgeable and practical tone, the sound advice offered in this book will ensure that new attendings in their first one to five years have the information necessary to help them build an economically viable practice that will ultimately lead to their financial independence.

Profitable Practice shows that there is much more to constructing a thriving medical practice than what most doctors often realize. Replete with step-by-step instructions, this book is a life-changing tool that will set attendees on the path to implementing wealth-building strategies for themselves and future generations.

As a physiatrist with over ten years of experience, Dr. Hassan Akinbiyi is passionate about not only changing the lives of his patients but also helping physicians understand the business of medicine. Known for his work ethic and business acumen, he has turned his knowledge into bestselling books, award-winning blogs, and online training programs. As CEO of Akinbiyi Medical Group, LLC, he founded DrHassanRehab.com, the digital hangout spot where physicians go for practical business tips and real-life strategies to help build their practices.

Published by Purposely Created Publishing, Profitable Practice: A 90-Day Kickstart Plan for Physiatrists is now available for purchase at visit DrHassanRehab.com.


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