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Monday, June 21, 2021

HBCU Change and HBCU Buzz Team Up to Raise $1 Billion For Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Spare change for HBCUs

Atlanta, GAHBCU Change, a philanthropic digital app, and HBCU Buzz, a leading multimedia marketing agency specializing in HBCU content and campaign strategies, have joined forces to rally alums around the effort to raise $1 billion for Historically Black Colleges and Universities over the next five years.

The strategic partnership will promote the HBCU Change app’s user-friendly donation platform in an effort to help HBCUs become self-sustaining institutions that do not have to rely on sporadic contributions and government funding to survive. HBCU Buzz will launch the initiative with a campaign to secure 5,000 downloads for the app.

Launched in 2020, HBCU Change works by rounding up purchases to the nearest dollar and then collects the money in an HBCU Change account linked to a credit or debit card. These funds are donated each month to the HBCU of your choice and go toward school endowments and scholarship trusts.

According to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), HBCUs, in general, have smaller endowments and face higher fees when trying to raise money for major projects, like new buildings or new academic offerings. A recent study found that HBCUs pay, on average, 92 cents per $100 raised to underwriters—about 14% more than their non-HBCU counterparts.

“Even before the pandemic, HBCUs have long struggled to maintain financial stability,” says HBCU Change founder Xavier Peoples. “COVID-19 has only exacerbated their situation, causing issues such as revenue loss, reduced enrollment, and layoffs. This makes our billion-dollar mission to strengthen the economic structure of these beloved schools even more critical. I am grateful to HBCU Buzz for recognizing the urgency of this matter and for their willingness to take action.”

“We are thrilled to partner with an organization that uses innovative strategies to focus on the value of the HBCU community,” said Luke Lawal, Founder and CEO of HBCU Buzz. “As we continue to unfold this campaign, our hopes are to demonstrate the importance of investing in the growth of education by spreading awareness and garnering support to improve a better future for the Black college community.”

For more information on HBCU Change or to download the app, visit HBCUChange.com.

About HBCU Change
HBCU Change is an interactive philanthropic experience with the mission of raising $1 billion dollars for HBCUs over the next 5 years. This digital app takes the change from every purchase you make and automatically donates it to the HBCU of your choice.

About HBCU Buzz
HBCU Buzz is owned by parent company, L&Company. HBCU Buzz delivers HBCU news, insights, and editorials from the Black College community. Since 2011, HBCU Buzz has been a resource for prospective & current students and alumni. They are on a mission to amplify the Black college experience, articulate stories of HBCU achievement, challenges, opportunities, & developments and advocate for students, alumni, and the legacy of these historic institutions. The Buzz Team is exclusively comprised of HBCU students and alumni from diverse educational backgrounds. Their team partners with millennial influencers, thought leaders, and diverse content creators to advance our mission of amplification, articulation, and advocacy.

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Web: hbcuchange.com

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Web: hbcubuzz.com

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