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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Black Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Podcaster Hides 60 Success Secrets in Thought-Provoking Adult Coloring Book

Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Podcaster Creates Adult Coloring Book Filled with Success Secrets Blended into Each Design.

H.E. Thompson Jr., author of Rich in Color

Nationwide — Adults everywhere can experience the therapeutic power of coloring while learning simple secrets of success with the release of Rich with Color: A Motivational & Inspirational Adult Coloring Book, expertly crafted by H. E. Thompson Jr., an entrepreneur and award-winning podcaster.

Who this coloring book is for:
• Young adults & new graduates finding their way through life.
• Highly driven individuals needing stress relief.
• “Goal-Getters” who want to know, in plain English, what actions lead to success.

H. E. Thompson is a multi-talented serial entrepreneur and podcaster who has combined two simple concepts, coloring and life advice, into a stress-relieving and empowering experience that teaches little-known success secrets.

Thompson, co-host of the award-winning podcast “League of Hustlers”, came from humble beginnings and encountered many life struggles while growing up in the rural South. The most notable adversity, which happened later in life at his assumed peak, came right after he got a new job, bought a new home, bought a new car, was newly married, and had a new set of twins.

Right after achieving these milestones which most would consider the ‘American Dream’, Thompson lost his corner office, management job due to the economic downturn in 2009 better known as the Great Recession. To say this was a massive blow to Thompson and his family would be an understatement. But instead of wallowing in misery, he pressed forward, was quick on his feet, and pivoted into his natural talents over the next few years to make ends meet.

After lots of mindset work and discipline, he went on to create multiple income streams generating six figures passively. It was far from an easy road but he learned that there were certain ‘secrets to success’ that if followed, anyone could defy the odds and live a richer, fuller life. Since then, Thompson has been on a mission to teach as many people as possible about these success secrets via speaking engagements, eBooks, podcasts, and now via this captivating adult coloring book.

While adult coloring books have been a trending topic for some time, one may not understand why another would be buzzworthy. Alternatively, Thompson’s intricate creation is not merely an outlet to color but it also holds a wealth of timeless success secrets blended into each design.

For the naysayers who may harbor thoughts that coloring is a childish activity, Thompson had this to say, “Coloring books are childish… And we should connect more with the pureness and creativity of our inner child. It’s from that place that some of the most creative ideas flow. It’s from there that George Washington Carver dreamed of over 300 uses for the peanut. It’s from that ‘inner child’ place that Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed his dream of equality. It’s at that place that Jesus said, ‘unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’”

Thompson enthusiastically shared what he wants the book’s takeaway to be, “I hope that this coloring book will inspire people to follow these simple but seldom heard, timeless bits of advice that are sure to make an immensely positive impact on their lives.”

Rich with Color: A Motivational & Inspirational Adult Coloring Book is currently available on Amazon.

The League of Hustlers Podcast can be found on YouTube.com

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