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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Finally, Help For African Americans to Identify Unhealthy Elements in Relationships, Heal Old Wounds, Release the Pain, and Stop the Hurt

“How did I get here? Oh, that’s right. It was the road traveled so often by so many before. The road from strong, beautiful black man behind the walls through the gates of panic, self-doubt, fear, insecurity to full-blown identity crisis. I took that ride with you down that dark road. I should have asked the conductor to stop somewhere along the way and got off, but I kept holding on the poles of stabilization that were your letters, cards and promises.”

Noreen McClendon, author of Hurt People Highway

Noreen McClendon, author of Hurt People Highway

Nationwide — Above is a quote from the new book Hurt People Highway: Identifying Unhealthy Elements In Relationships by author Noreen McClendon. The book, available on Amazon, is designed to help people identify unhealthy elements in relationships, heal the wounds, release the pain and stop the hurt. It is a tool to understand the devastating affects of the United States’ addiction to mass incarceration on the relationships of formerly incarcerated and the women and men who love them.

“Noreen McClendon’s new book Hurt People Highway shines a powerful light on pain with a unique view of post-incarceration relationships. A must read for anyone contemplating a new relationship or living inside one riddled with challenge.” — Van Jones


About the Author:
Noreen McClendon is the Executive Director of Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles. She attended Clark College (Clark Atlanta University), is certified through UCLA’s Engineering and Construction Management program and a graduate of USC’s Minority Program in Real Estate.

She has taught in men and women’s prisons and facilitated a group on relationships with men formerly serving life sentences at a halfway house for the past six years. She has first-hand knowledge of post-incarceration relationships, having lived through her own relationship with a man during and post-incarceration.

For more information, follow Noreen on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Hurtpeoplehighway/ or contact her at 323-371-4644.


Noreen McClendon