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Monday, October 1, 2018

Black Family Goes Viral Because All the Children Became Doctors — Just Like Their Dad!

Dr. Herbert Oye and his children, who are also all doctors

Dr. Herbert Oye and his children, who are also all doctors

Nationwide — A Nigerian-American family is making a huge buzz in social media and the medical field now that all of the children have become doctors. It wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, but with great determination and outstanding abilities, they were all able to succeed. Definitely family goals!

Their father Herbert Oye, who is also a doctor, left Nigeria in the 1970’s and moved to the United States in search of a greener pasture. He attended medical school, and worked hard to eventually open his very own vascular surgery practice in West Virginia. He then went back to Nigeria and opened a hospital.

Naturally, his four children — David, Monique, Michelle, and Melissa Oye — were inspired by him, and they all decided to become doctors as well. They don’t have their own practices yet, but that is their ultimate goal.

At least two of the children can be followed on Instagram:

Dr. Monique Oye – @MoniqueOye

Dr. Melissa Oye – @MelissaOye

Meanwhile, their Dad is still a practicing doctor in Beckley, West Virginia. His practice specializes in various treatments including advanced wound care, endovascular surgery, vascular surgery, and more. For more details about his practice, visit www.wvvascularinstitute.com