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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Affirms Message Portrayed in Documentary That Highlights Obstacles Black Women Face in the Corporate Workplace

“Invisible Women: Being a Black Woman in Corporate America” Screenings on National Tour

Melody Sherea and Monica Simmons

l-r: Sisters, Melody Shere’a (film director) and Monica Simmons (executive producer)

Oakland, CA — In April this year, Black Entertainment Television (BET) aired the tenth annual Black Girls Rock! celebration and award show dedicated to elevating the narratives of Black women and shining a light on the achievements of women of color whose contributions often go under the radar in mainstream media. Between high-energy musical performances and award presentations, presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton heralded the Black Girls Rock! movement and its founder Beverly Bond. In her speech, Clinton referred to black women as “change makers and path breakers and ground-shakers.” She went on to share her thoughts about barriers black women face in this country. This film “is to rebuke every single one of those barriers and discrimination and systemic racism that keep them up,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s comments were strictly in line with the profound message delivered in the Head Not The Tail Productions’ (HNTT Productions) documentary titled Invisible Women: Being a Black Woman in Corporate America. The film, directed by Melody Shere’a and executive produced by her sister Monica Simmons, is a powerful and inspiring documentary that uncovers and addresses issues around racism that profoundly affect black women in the corporate workplace. Highly educated and qualified women featured in the film share respective experiences of disappointment and rejection when simply trying to earn a living and compete against (mostly white) women for a higher step on the corporate ladder.

Shere’a and Simmons are talented sisters, who have each personally experienced workplace race and gender discrimination throughout their corporate careers, which is how they conceived the idea to develop this documentary and start the conversation. “In conducting research for the film,” said Shere’a. “We found the corporate practice of discrimination to be a common harsh reality faced by countless women of color.” Clinton speaks about opportunities that she as the president wants to make available for women. Shere’a wants to be sure that “black women share in those opportunities.”

“Invisible Women” to go on National Tour:
Invisible Women’s premiere screening was held October 12, 2016, on the campus of Holy Names University in Oakland, CA. Overwhelmingly received, the film is set to re-screen at the same venue November 11th. “Invisible Women” will commence its national tour in late January, headed for Washington, D.C., New York, Atlanta, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Screening dates will be announced.

Though numerous entities address the issue by hiring and promoting more women into management positions and corporate executive roles, a considerable recognition/advancement gap still exists for black women. The playing field isn’t level, and well-qualified black women are too frequently denied the opportunity to explore similar career growth opportunities as their white and other female counterparts. The facts and details you will learn from this documentary will surprise you.


About Head Not the Tail Productions (HNTTP):
HNTT Productions, founded in 2016 by Melody Shere’a, is located in the heart of Oakland, California. The company creates, develops, produces and invests in film, television and documentary projects. The entertainment industry veteran possesses more than ten years acting, print modeling and voice-over experience. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Shere’a graduated from Cal State Hayward, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree, and later pursued an MBA in Finance at Holy Names University in Oakland.

Monica Simmons is the Executive Producer of the documentary and head of production and film development for HNTT Productions. For more details, visit www.HNTTProductions.com


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