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Monday, March 17, 2014

Introducing the Hip Hop Choir — A Platform For New Artists To Showcase All The Elements of Hip-Hop Culture

— “Our vision of the Hip Hop Choir will be that it is made up of every nationality, so that it will have the potential to reach people and cultures around the globe.” (Haskel Jackson, Co-Founder) —

Hip Hop Choir

Hollywood, CA — Bellringer Productions and Haskel Jackson Entertainment have come together to create a platform for new artists of all ages and ethnicities to make their presence known in the world. This innovative Hip-Hop Choir will showcase the elements of Hip-Hop culture with rappers, singers, dancers, visual artists, and various forms of musical expression with an urban foundation.

“When people from different ethnic backgrounds, genders, and ages come together in harmony through rap, a magic happens that transcends what seems impossible. The music unifies us all! Hip-Hop=Human Possibility,” says Marcus Bell, founder.

The Hip Hop Choir will be a voice not often heard from the main stream Hip Hop culture. It will represent diversity, unity, creativity and integrity. The five elements of Hip Hop will be the foundation of what the choir represents. The intentions of the choir are to compete, educate, travel, and grow.

Haskel Jackson, co-founder, comments, “Hip Hop was born out of pain and lack of freedom. It started one way and now it seems to be going in a completely different direction from its original aim. This movement was created to give hope and opportunity to those that have a true desire to express their love and passion for Hip Hop. Since Hip Hop is a culture, it carries a very important role in the world. We as Hip Hop heads have a huge responsibility to not allow our voice to be diluted with messages of hate. Not that we have all the right answers, but the Hip Hop Choir will strive to bring unity so that we can get the best answers for all of us moving forward. I AM HIP HOP.”

For more details about the Hip Hop Choir, visit www.hiphopchoirla.com

About Bellringer Productions
Bellringer Productions is a music production company that creates music for record labels, major recording artists, television, film and commercials. Through our artist development division, “Starbootcamp”, we train celebrity and developing artists on fame, fortune, and influence.

About Haskel Jackson
Haskel Jackson is a seven time Grammy Nominee, and the Founder/CEO of Haskel Jackson Entertainment, Genesoul Productions, Dream Soul Records, PAI Stations and the Genesoul Music Lab in Hollywood, Ca. He also founded, along with Rena Phillips, the Unsigned Artist Network Show and New Stars of Hollywood. Haskel along with Aaron Spears, Estella Spears, and Marcus Armstrong recently created a Film, TV Show, and music platform called Henna TV.

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