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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Historic Black Program to Raise Millions For Jobs and Scholarships With New Sportswear and Accessories Line

Black economic power ended bus segregation in Montgomery in the 50’s. Black economic power can strengthen Black America through economic empowerment, workforce development and financial prosperity.

Educate Black America Cap

The “Educate Black America” Cap

Nationwide — ABC Ventures announces a new Educate Black America (EBA) program that leverages Black consumer and commercial spending into more education opportunities as well as economic opportunities for individuals, businesses, clubs and organizations of all types as well as faith-based institutions.

Announcing the “Educate Black America” cap, the first product in the Educate Black America (EBA) sportswear and accessories line. Using the same approach as American Express did in the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, Alvin J. Lee, former American Express executive and ABC Ventures project director, explained that $5 from the $25 cap cost goes to the EBA scholarship fund and another $5 is earned by the Designated Seller. Caps will be sold exclusively online and through a Designated Seller Network of 1,000 individuals, businesses and organizations that will earn the $5 seller fee plus the ability to designate the scholarship winner after their sales reaches 100 units.

To purchase an EBA cap and/or become a designated seller, go to their official web site at www.educateblackamerica.com and click EBA caps. According to Lee, the scholarship and sales development fee distribution can serve not only the needs of students lacking funds but also organizations and businesses exploring new ways to support the communities they serve.

The Educate Black America initiative empowers Black America to generate jobs and economic prosperity. Former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, national spokesperson for EBA said, “Educating Black America is something we can do, should do and will do”. Her statement, combined with Martin Luther King’s proclamation that “Nobody will do this for us”, underscore the increasing importance of the development of new and innovating ways to stabilize and build prosperity in Black America. Started in the late 80s as America’s Black Colleges, the program has used a “bricks and clicks” strategy to generate millions of dollars of support for Black Higher Education from some of America’s top companies including Amazon, American Express, AAA, Progressive Insurance, MoneyGram, VISA, WorldCom and Walmart.

Operating from its web site at www.educateblackamerica.com as well as its social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter. Educate Black America has developed an American Express type Take One Network that allows the products and services to be strategy pinpointed to reach people where they live, work, play and pray.

The marketing outreach will expand significantly with cross-marketing opportunities with the 2019 launch of Park Walk America at www.parkwalkamerica.com. Park Walk America will uniquely address the national concerns regarding health, fitness, sustainability and environmental awareness. This unique combination can cost efficiently and effectively generate bottom line results through corporate memberships in The Educate Black America and Park Walk America Networks. The membership packages include the consulting support by ABC Ventures and its highly experienced management team of former Fortune 500 executives and managers.

ABC Ventures has launched the EBA Network for companies seeking to build share in the multi-Trillion Dollar Black consumer and commercial markets as well as media outlets and advertising agencies looking for effective and cost efficient opportunities to leverage the over $2 billion spent annually by advertisers.

For more information on marketing and promotional opportunities on ABC Ventures cause related platforms and the EBA Network contact:

Alvin J. Lee
Project Director
ABC Ventures
P.O. Box 19776
Baltimore, MD 21225

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