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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Houston Dermatologist Developed a Skin Care Line That is Now Easily Accessible For All

Dr. Milton D. Moore

Dr. Milton D. Moore, CEO/President of Moore Unique Skin Care

Houston, TX — Moore Unique Skin Care, a Houston based, African American owned company is now carrying three of its products through the Walmart “Made in the USA” program. Made in the USA is part of an effort by Walmart to create more American jobs through its commitment to purchase an additional $250 billion over a 10 year period from companies manufacturing in the U.S.

Three of the products approved to be carried in Walmart stores are Hydroglide Ascend Shave Gel, Razor Rash Relief Cream, & Clear Skin Acne Wash.

Up to 60% of African American and 15% of white men suffer from pseudofolliculitis barbae (“PFB”) a condition commonly known as “razor bumps.” This condition causes the skin to be inflamed and infected because of shaving hairs, especially curly hair which grows back into the skin it can cause  scarring and discoloration in the beard & neck area.

Dr. Milton D. Moore, a prominent Houston dermatologist and pharmacist, once suffered from razor bumps & burn, so he decided to find a solution. As a result he developed Moore Unique Razor Rash Relief.  He also saw several needs with his Houston patients for skin and hair care that were not being addressed by the products on the market at the time. Using his professional knowledge of dermatology and pharmacy he created The Moore Unique Skin and Hair Care line, including an effective treatment for razor bumps, Razor Rash Relief.  In fact, several of the Moore Unique Products are so unique they have a U.S. patent. They are also manufactured and distributed out of Houston, Texas, USA.

Because of the success Dr. Moore has had in addressing razor bumps, the City of Houston Police Department has a contract with Dr. Moore for the shave products which are in their grooming policy to be used to combat the problem. Police officers must shave to be able to dawn a mask if there is an aerosol attack they are involved in. Moore Unique Razor Rash Relief Cream has helped police officers that in the past had razor bumps at such a high degree that they had requested a waiver from shaving. Now they can shave without the pain and disfiguration razor bumps can cause.

So, it was thanks to the first Walmart Made In USA Summit that more African American men and all problem shavers are now able to buy products that work at these 84 Walmart stores in Texas, which will help them to alleviate their razor bumps and razor rash. Without Walmart’s commitment and outreach we would not be able to expand our business, grow our products’ sales and help millions of people who suffer from PFB and razor rash.

“We are excited about the tremendous expansion of Moore Unique and we will continue to develop cutting-edge products using our concept of combining unique ingredients to give consumers the most effective solutions for hair and skin care issues,” said Dr. Milton D. Moore.  “Our goal is expand the line into other beauty and personal care items and distribute them to the masses on a global level,” he added.

Dr. Moore’s final thoughts, “My hats off to Walmart for all they do and care about small and Minority vendors and all vendors that manufacture in the USA, building the core of our country. I salute Walmart for promoting Greg Penner as the new chairman of Walmart. His dedication to bring new technology and stronger ecommerce to Walmart over the last 15 years is in line with my passion, as far as new technology in shaving to the world.”

About Dr. Milton Moore:
Dr. Milton D. Moore, Houston, Texas-based Dermatologist and founder of Moore Unique Skin Care, LLC. Dr. Moore began his career as a dermatologist in Houston in 1985, after completing his dermatology residency at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC. Dr. Moore started his own private practice, Moore Unique Dermatology in 1985. Dr. Moore is a member of the American Medical Association, National Medical Association, American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, and American Academy of Dermatology, & Who Who’s in America. He holds 6 U.S. patents for his inventions including the first 9 (nine) blade razor. For information, visit www.mooreunique.com or askdrmoore@mooreunique.com and (800) 745-9422 for media interviews.


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