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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Learn How KITA is Changing Lives & Communities in Africa

Kita Nigeria

International — Based out of Nigeria, the Kato International Training Academy (KITA) is a nonprofit that helps children excel in school and on the soccer field. They provide training, education, and after-school programs for kids in hopes that they’ll become compassionate, ethical future leaders within their community, their country, and around the world.

KITA’s History

Founder Paul Kato had a vision to create a school that encouraged cooperation among different communities within Northern Nigeria. Growing up in Nigeria himself, Paul understood all too well just how important this initiative was (conflict between Christians and Muslims is common in this area). In hopes of bringing these two parties together, Kato decided to focus on the next generation. He believed that changing their mindset would lead to a better Nigeria.

Kato’s Nigerian background, love of soccer, and passion for education motivated him to keep working—his dream soon became a reality. In 2009, Kato purchased the property for his first school. Situated in the city of Kwoi, between Abuja (the capital) and the city of Jos, there wasn’t a more perfect location. He then put together a team of dedicated educators and soccer enthusiasts committed to fostering a safe and fruitful environment for kids.

KITA aims to place students in after-school programs that will also grant them admission into high-ranking universities and institutions around the world. The first program put in place was the after-school soccer team, which was open to Christians and Muslims in the surrounding cities. Soon after, Kato and his team were able to start another program—a computer lab that children could attend after school and soccer.

Kato International Training Academy Today

Paul Kato’s ability to bring together a community through education and sport is what makes KITA so special. This one-of-a-kind institution acknowledges the passion many Africans have for soccer while also finding a way to incorporate education into the lifestyle. Thanks to their partnership with Nike and Penn FC, the academy has uniforms and equipment that will help its students become intelligent individuals and professional soccer players. KITA strives to provide young students with the skills and tools they need to build a better future for themselves, and for Africa. Since the academy is self-sustaining, plans to replicate it around Africa are in place. Kato’s goal is to create multiple institutions that give children a place to learn and play.

Whenever someone thinks about Africa, they normally associate it with negative news. KITA hopes to change this mindset by developing an academy that African citizens can be proud of—an institution that gives hope to future generations. In order to keep building and implementing schools and programs around Africa, KITA needs funding. If you’re interested in helping out, visit their GoFundMe page to learn more about their objectives and donate to their cause.