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Thursday, January 2, 2020

How to Become a Tradesman

African American woman tradesman

Nationwide — Learning and perfecting a trade is a respectable career goal, and it’s one that will always be in demand. Households and businesses alike will always need the assistance and skills of a tradesman, and there are many areas of trade available if you are considering a career move into this area. Whether you’re just starting out in your tradesman career, or you’re looking for a career switch into this market, then here are some tips to help you get started.

Research All Your Requirements

Before you move into the tradesman business, you should know exactly what you need – and this doesn’t just involve qualifications and experience. You also need to consider factors such as tradesman insurance and how this will vary depending on the trade you wish to go into. You should also learn about the risk factors involved in your intended trade. Your research should include all you need to know for when you begin work as a tradesman, and not just research into what you need to do to become a tradesman. If you need tailored tradesman insurance, an experienced company like Hiscox can assist with that.

Gain Experience at Home
Tradesmen need practical and hands-on skills, so practice and experience in your trade area are imperative. This is experience which can be gained from home in your spare time, as a hobby or an active effort to hone your trade. If you have always had a passion for a particular trade, it’s likely you have developed your skills through a beloved hobby already. For instance, if you would like to become a mechanic, ensure that you work on your personal vehicle yourself as often as possible, and learn what goes on under the hood. If you would like to trade as a carpenter, you could consider a home workshop which allows you to practice with power tools.

Achieve Your High School Diploma
Trade jobs may be viewed as not needing a high level of education like other fields would require, but a high school diploma will be very valuable to you. High school education will be looked upon favorably by those employers who will come to offer you apprenticeships in your chosen field, and will also give you the edge over other budding tradesmen who may not have their high school diplomas.

Gain Specialized Training
You should move on to a technical school or community college where you can undertake classes concentrating on your chosen trade, such as woodwork or learning about draining systems should you wish to become a plumber. A lot of apprenticeships may not require further than a High School Diploma, but technical classes can teach you important specifics about your area of trade.

Seek an Apprenticeship
This is where you will receive hands-on training in your trade field, with paid training lasting a few years. Apprenticeships allow you to continue your education as a tradesman, but also earn a wage while doing so. You should seek an apprenticeship tailored for your chosen trade.

Gain Your License
Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you can arrange to take the tests which will enable you to qualify as a certified tradesman. Once licensed, you can seek and perform work as a tradesman and build your experience and business.