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Friday, July 10, 2020

How to Cope with These 2 Home Emergencies

Woman fixing plumbing

Nationwide — Your home should be your castle, but unexpected issues can arise at any time, and no matter how much you prepare, they can still knock you off course. Home emergencies occurring can be a stressful, worrying period, and knowing the key ways to cope can take the pressure off the situation, allowing you to take the necessary steps to rectify the issue quickly and safely. Below, we explore two specific home emergencies and how you can cope if they strike your property.

Burst Pipes

If you’ve ever experienced a burst pipe, you know only too well the panic that sets in as water floods into your home. There are several reasons why your pipes can burst, including in the winter, when ice inside the pipe expands and increases pressure until the pipe can’t cope with it any longer.

The first thing you need to do if one of your pipes burst is to turn off the water supply. You will need to find the stopcock, so already knowing where it is within your property is crucial.

Next, turn off the electrics. Water and electrics do not mix, so ensure your property is safe and not dangerous by not letting water and electrical items meet at all. The last thing you want to happen is the electrics to create further issues within your home. If water has got near to any electric sources, don’t stand near them until the electrics are turned off. Additionally, do not use any electrical appliances if you suspect water has touched them until an electrician has said it is okay to do so.

You will then need to enlist the help of a qualified plumber to fix or replace the pipe as quickly as possible. After all, water damage can cause thousands of dollars in repair work, so it’s best to leave this task up to the professional who can minimize any potential damage. Unfortunately, home emergencies don’t wait until after payday to strike. If you are caught financially short when trying to deal with a burst pipe, BingoLoans can provide you with a payday loan to help you afford the repairs sooner rather than later. Additionally, if the burst pipe has damaged items within your home, this is the time to contact your insurance company to seek compensation to replace or repair items.

Car Breakdown

Technically not within the home, but society is increasingly reliant upon transport, and if you have your own car to get to and from work, shops, and more, this can significantly improve your life. However, car breakdowns can be expensive, and happen at the worst moments – such as when you’re completing a long journey to visit friends and family. Waiting at the side of the road isn’t pleasant, but there are steps you need to take to ensure everyone is safe while waiting for the recovery company to arrive.

First, you need to pull your car over to somewhere away from traffic. If you’re in a high traffic area, ensure your car is pulled over to the side of the road, such as the hard shoulder, or exit the road entirely to a safe place. A safe place could include a nearby parking lot or a side street. Ensure you use your hazard lights to alert other drivers that there is an issue with your car. This is especially helpful if the fault requires you to drive slower than the speed limit, or you need to pull over quickly. Next, turn your vehicle off. Not only will you save fuel, but you will also minimize any further damage from occurring. Lastly, call any roadside assistance company you may have.